10 Reasons Why Students Join Cultism

10 Reasons Why Students Join Cultism
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The Reasons Why Students Join Cultism Are very enormous, in this post I’m going to share with you the major reasons why students join cultism in tertiary institutions in just a few points.

A brief history of cultism

The history of cultism can be traced by the sea dog confraternity found in Ibadan by prof  Wole Soyinka issue of cultism has eaten deep into Nigerian schools especially in the tertiary institutions. It is now a medium the individuals use to exhibit ill behaviors’ in the society, causing harm, destroying life and properties,  creating tensions in schools, causing havoc here and there, carrying out criminal activities such as kidnapping, armed robbery, assassinations, etc. in the name of belonging to a secret cult.

Above are 10 Reasons Why Students Join Cultism but before I proceed.

What is cultism?

What is a secret cult?

Who is a cultist?

Are there benefits in cultism?

Cultism can be defined as a ritual practice by a group of individuals whose admission formality is by initiation as well as their mode of operation do their things in secret and their activities bring negative effects to the society.

A secret cult is a ritualistic group whose activities are carried out in secret and their member are recruited by an act of initiation. whose effects are negative to society due to their dangerous policy.

Presently The benefits derived from being a member of as secret are illicit and selfish. Because the main aim cultism was started has been misrepresented because of the selfish reasons of the so-called members it brings about harm death, it creates havoc’s in school, and increases crime rate in the country at large in Nigeria, for example, the politicians now employ this violent cultist use them as thugs to execute their wicked acts. Nigerian schools have suffered a lot from this school. it has made a noneducational setup for tertiary learners unsafe for students.

A  cultist is someone who is a bonafide member of a secret cult having accepted the terms and conditions of the group had considered the mode of operation and has decided to belong to such a secret group has promised to obey all ethics of the secret group.

  The Reasons why students join secret cultism in schools are as follows.


1. To feel More superior 

Students Join cult groups with the primary aim of filling more superior than any other student on campus, to they be able to influence their mate with the backup that they can get whatever they want from them by force compelling them with their violent mode of operation threatening to harm them if they don’t comply .because the can kill, fight, and do all manner of things to their co-student. This factor is the basic primary factor a student sees as a reason to join cultism all other factors comes under it the ride their mates claiming to be stronger the put fear into so many they even go as far as threatening their tutors.  This is pride exhibited by this cultist.

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They tend to mingle with the best beautiful girls, no one dare dares challenge them they are ready to kill and to cause havoc in the school. the gain respect according to Ogbomosho 1999 students join cultism to gain respect from other students.

2. Family background

The family has a very big role to play in giving their children good ethical morals so they don’t misbehave when they get to the higher institution.

It is very clear that if my father or mother was a cultist member I will join the secret cult or if my father was killed, an armed robber, or a kidnapper I will likely join a cult gang to have an edge to continue where my father stopped.


3. Lack Of Good Morals And religious Believes

The societal sicknesses have contributed to the  Reasons Why Students Join Cultism failure to uphold good morals and good religious belief have made the students believe in one thing or the other to get themself backed up while performing their catastrophic acts so they tend to join a secret cult to give them one.


4. Poor education system in the country

The educations system in Nigeria is a total mess up and one of the major arsenals the lead  Reasons Why Students Join Cultism situation where the lecturers purposely fail their students to collect bribes from them to give them pass marks in the name of sorting is quite excruciating that our educational system is melting down so this student join a cult to intimidate even their lecturers to pass their exams and earn high CGP. In a situation where students are student are not treated well in school they turn out to be tugged. to fight those who oppress them.

5. Quest for protection:

Most student wants to be on the safe side nobody want to be the one to be molested and harmed by others or be intimidated by anybody while in school so the join this cult groups as an edge to stop harassment because nobody dears them one the belong.

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6. Peer influence/peer pressure:

. The issue of peer pressure most students suffer lots of pressure from their peers you are no strong, you can’t do this you can do that, you can’t have the best girls Especially children from the poor background with low self-esteem they are always victimized because they want to fill better and stronger than they are already.

7 . Failed law enforcement agencies.

 The Nigerian enforcement agencies are no longer active to enforce the law on offenders and maintain peace and order the thieves are going free the kidnappers also so this students no longer have any cause to fear that they will be get caught on their secret activities the take and sell heroin, marijuana, Indian hemp, etc.

  1. Uncontrolled quest to belong
  2. The desire to control others
  3. failed the electoral process.

Say no to cultism in  Nigeria because it is bringing down education in Nigeria.

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