10 Strategies To Improve Your Reading Comprehension.  

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Improving a student’s reading comprehension is very important and it requires using all the necessary strategies that will be listed in this post strategies to improve your reading comprehension.

Increasing your reading comprehension is very paramount as a scholar as well as a teacher.

This will enable you to have the ability to maintain your intellectuality.

·     Choose your reading position:

A good reading position is one that is very conducive for reading, it must be a calm environment as well as a very important place to lie of your heads, according to my observation all you need to understand what you are reading is just quiet position.

Do not choose a position that is very tight for you.

Reading position also with a well relax-able chair, unlike the Nigerian schools where students make use of hard stools and strong iron chairs that pain the back if used for a long time.

Involves the type of posture you take when you want to read.

The sitting position is the most effective because you can read for a long while sitting than lying on the body.

The sitting position should be


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 Use smart starting strategies:

Break your point:

You have to observe the key point of what you are reading, forget about how they are been written in your textbook, break them to your understanding.


Pace up your reading skill:

That is what makes it impossible for you to read as fast as possible returning your mind to assimilate what you have read.

And still enables you to meet up with your scheduled reading time.


Check yourself for general understanding:

General understanding is one of the key factors that you need that will enables you to improve your reading comprehension. This is also one of the reasons most people fail examinations because of low general understanding.


Pontificate Notes on Main Points:

Your main point is the keyword you are targeting in every passage you are reading.

Possibly repeat the words consistently until it enters your head o that you can be able to focus on them.

Memorizing the words is very important.

The keyword of passage includes things like definition of terms, function of terms, advantages of terms, disadvantages of terms, types of terms, kind of terms.


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This key point helps you to comprehend what you have read in the because they moment you have the key point of a particular topic in your head assimilation of them becomes very easy this is one of the main reason law student do cram a lot of key terms and quote.


 Highlight the key terms of your Text:

This is a very important strategy to improve your reading comprehension.

Terms such as definitions, meaning, function, headings, summary, conclusion, even the introduction.

Once you are able to highlight the key terms of a topic, it will make to be able to understand its details word to word.

Also, it will enable you to generalize its contest in your own understanding and this will last you for a long.

If possible you can write the key terms on a piece of paper or study jotter.


Formulate your own Questions as You Read:

It is one of the greatest strategies among the strategies to improve your reading comprehension.

Making your own question is a very wonderful reading strategy, as you are reading you are going to  notifying all those points which are going to be valuable as questioners,

The more questions you ask the more conversant you will become with the answers to this question.

This is my main important motion to make sure that the 10 strategies to improve your reading comprehension are well treated.


Look Up Words You Don’t Know:

It is very important when you are reading your dictionary or your phone should be by your side.

Pick up words, terms that you don’t literally understand check for their meaning in your dictionary or use the internet to Google their meaning, mind you there is literally nothing you can search on Google that you can’t get information about.

This is why the main reason for you to use your dictionary so no word that you will ignore its meaning.


Makeup summary:

A summary is the compiled information about everything a passage, summary despites the meaning of every subject of yours in few lines of the word very intensive and clear.

One of the 10 strategies to improve your reading comprehension is making of summary after you might have read the passage all through.

Make your summary not from what you are reading rather your summary should be from what you’ve read.

For instance, am going to summarize this article so be guided.



This article is more intensive and very intensive but its importance is mainly for students.

10 strategies to improve your reading comprehension: improving a student’s reading comprehension is first done by improving the student’s reading ability.

And improving a student’s comprehension ability involves about 10 strategies that must be applied day by day while reading, preparing for examinations, and reading to improve general IQ.

The task is not just to keep reading rather it is in your level of comprehending what you’ve read that is what makes you able to write something about what you have read.

All the above strategies highlighted and explained are just to improve your reading comprehension as a student so be guided.


In this summary, you can see that the above contest of the article its meaning and its importance, what is talking about has been summarized in just in few meaningful words.

With this summary, someone can write something about improving someone’s reading comprehension without reading the whole post.



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