12 Different Types of Communication & Ways to Improve

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12 Different Types of Communication & Ways to Improve

What is communication?

It is the process of sending and receiving information from one person to another.

It involves interactions, sharing, and updates, between two individuals.

It can also be defined as the conveying of information, ideas, and emotions of different forms from one place to another.

Every communication pattern has its own strategy or channels their about 12 Different Types of Communication & Ways to Improve them include:

Verbal communication.

Nonverbal communication.

Written communication.

Electronic communication.

Body language.

Olfactic communication.

Musical communication.

Hepatic communication,

In this blog post, I will share with you 12 Different Types of Communication & Ways to Improve


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Table of contents:

A brief history of communication,

Types of communication,

How to improve communication,

Communication was started thousand years ago during the myth ages the prehistoric ages, stone ages during the time the world was not yet civilized.

Communication was first discovered by the men of the old, the made use of animals as signs and symbols of interaction (communication) as the age was going they found out the need to communicate through writing carving in stones.

In the beginning, the original man never knew what is communication they made use of their time to assemble themselves into the carving of things on stones although this was very tedious they made tremendous results for modern communication.

Types of communication.

Verbal communication:

Verbal communication is that type of communication you do why you are talking with people, sharing stories, teaching.

Any communication that is conveyed from the mouth and the two individuals seeing themselves share their information orally is termed verbal communication.

Forms of verbal communication:

Making speeches,


Telling stories,




Interactions etc


The entire above are forms of communication that are powered orally with the mouth.

It helps us to communicate with one another anywhere we are it is the major key that fosters good relationships.

And it is one of the major types of communication skills mostly used in our daily activities.

And according to my observations as a scholar, I found out about 60% of communication that goes on daily is mainly verbal communication.

Nonverbal communication:

Verbal communication is that information’s acquired skill that is inborn but is learn and implemented in our daily activities.

It is also effective in all daily activities.

Written communication:

This form of communication all the ideas, information’s, cultures, interactions, messages that are passed on from one person to another in form of a written document, written with paper and drawing it includes letters, journals, magazines, newspapers, books, that information’s are passed from the sender to the recipient.

Written information is the most widespread form of information used mostly in offices, schools, etc because it is very confidential and its messages cannot be easily discarded or lost.

This is because it is always available in form of hard copies and this is one of the reasons that you cannot lose whatever is documented on a paper.

Electronic communication:

as the name implies it is the sum, total of all information’s that is passed on with the use of the various electronic gadget that is more involved in the use of mobile telephone lines, email, messages, social media, website, internet, tv, etc,

All communication that is electronically is mostly digital.

Body language:

The use of body language is made for the grand sensitivity of all nonverbal communicators who make use of body movement such as eye contact, hand sign, gestures, sitting position.

This is a type of communication that is mainly used by people in an informal class that has a need to understand themselves using body language which is most peculiar for people of their own particular peer group.

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Graphic communication:

This type of communication is mainly messages passed on in form of drawings, diagrams, images, and pictures.

Doctors, logistic experts, engineers, make use of diagrams to represent important facts and figures.

It is also used for people with impaired hearing.

Hepatic communication:

this type of communication involves the use of the emotional expression to pass the message to someone it is mainly the use of the body features emotionally. It can be through hugging, kissing someone just to tell them how much you love without any noticeable audibility.

Olfactic communication.

This is one of the 12 Different Types of Communication & Ways to Improve it involves the use of the sense of smell to receive impulse (message) from something around you like the smell of perfumes deodorant, spoilt foodstuff.

Musical communication:

this is also one of the 12 Different Types of Communication & Ways to Improve it makes use of a musical instrument to depict tunes and pitch of a particular mode this is a very effective way of making use, of the musical lines to express a particular model.

Other special communication skill includes.

Braille & sign language.

Ways to improve communication:

Communication skills should be taught in special courses in school.

All channels should be made available and confidential for access.

Communication vices should be made authentic.

Communication routes should be made reliable according to the 12 Different Types of Communication.

All communication devices should be made affordable especially the E-COMM.

All communication skills should be taught in all schools from the nursery, primary, secondary, even up to the tertiary level.

Every communication requires a channel for distribution and all communications involve two individuals the sender and the receiver.



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