12 Ways To Improve Your Reading Life

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Reading is not just necessary for examinations, students, and candidates or for those in the academic sector; rather reading is basically for everybody it is not just an act but a behaviors,it is necessary to know the 12 Ways To Improve Your Reading Life

Reading is very necessity because without reading it will be difficult for a growing child to understand anything even while grows .The act of reading started a long time ago from our fore father down to us but the it came to existence as of the time mode of writing came to existence because of the need of communication among persons and sharing of idea the first of writing came to existence, writing with animal signs and symbols and as result of the need to interpret what have been written reading came into existence ,that is to is say man reads what has been written, that means without writing there is no readings.

Reasons why people read:

People read to get get more information about life.

To communicate,

To develop ideas,

To broaden their sense of reasoning,

To learn numerous things.

The act of reading is not just students reading for their examinations rather it is what we practice every day any where.

Ways of improving your reading life:

Make reading a habit:

Make reading a habitual in your life everywhere you find yourself where ever you go , you can do that by reading always and every time  ,if reading becomes something you even do involuntary it will help improve your reading life.

It is obvious to note that some people can’t even read one page of book without blinking their eyes because they are tired because they never made the reading skill a habit,. Some only read when the have exams to read .

Reading should be done anywhere at any time even along the road the sign post you use to locate the place you go is a part of reading, it is very funny to note that some people even move from one place to another without observing the sign post of that area, because of poor reading habit.

Select interesting books

Select interesting books, novel, textbooks, to start your reading habit because while you read sweat stories in creates the hunger to read an gradually improves your love to read which is your first step to the 12 Ways To Improve Your Reading Life . As a student if you fail to love to read you’ve decided to be a failure in academics because the more you read the more information you gather.

Learn to manage and consider your tenses:

Many people read without considering the tenses the come across to know when past and present tense is tenses makes you understand you’re what you are reading and gives it meaning.

Consider your word stress

Know your stress to enable you pronounce your world very well the moment you are able to pronounce your world very well it give meaning into your reading.

Learn the secret behind word pronunciation:

Learning how to pronounce words correctly is very important the secret of pronunciation is embedded in the sound and spelling of those words also the stress of the words.

Most people find it very difficult to pronounce words even in the higher institution, because they lack the skill of pronunciation unlike others.

I don’t think that there is any kind of English word which I can pronounce very easily  because I know stress and my spelling the sound of words , this one of the  reasons most people pronounce very wrongly.

Read comfortably:

Some people develop the habit of reading to fast learn to swallow some breath while don’t read in a haste. This is known as verbal reading and it helps no one it makes you read without understanding

Develop a good reading posture:

Choose the best reading posture for yourself and read at ease avoid stuffing yourself because it aren’t going to help develop good reading ability  some enjoy reading while laying, down some enjoy reading while sitting . But the best position to sit is sitting on well relax chair. Avoid staying at a position that make you very tired easily so you don’t sleep so soon while reading.

Proper timing:

Setting a proper timing scheme is on of the   12 Ways To Improve Your Reading Life .seta particular reading time according to your time management at least student read two hours each day.

Set this time to regulate how many minutes or our you read. This helps to manage the time you have to read vast. Some people can’t read just for 45 minutes without blinking their eyes, it because they haven’t trained themselves at all.








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