25 Jamb 2022 Questions And Answers From The Life Changer UTME Novel

25 Jamb 2022 Questions And Answers From The Life Changer UTME Novel
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1. What amount did Salma propose to get away from the discipline of EMAL?
A. N100,000
B. N200,000
C. N300,000
D. N400,000

2. Who did Habib had at least some idea that might have helped Salma?
A. Dr. SamJohn
B. Prof. Sabo
C. The V.C
D. The Committee Chairman

3. The full significance of “LT” is
A. Library Technician
B. Research center Technician
C. Library Technologist
D. Lab Technologist

4. What did Teemah prodded that Omar could do with his new telephone?
A. Yippee Yahoo
B. Test misbehavior
C. To pursue young ladies
D. To mess around

5. Kabir was an individual.
A. irritating
B. pleased
C. cordial
D. calm

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6. ___ isn’t one reason why Muslims cover their dead quicker than Christians.
A. To abstain from postponing the spirit from meeting its Creator
B. To save the deprived from delayed sorrow
C. To deter others from seeing the carcass
D. To keep the body from rotting

7. What does “… lose it to the cards” mean?
A. lose it to re-energize cards
B. lose it to furnished burglars
C. lose it in a vehicles
D. lose it to betting

8. What caused Omar to presume that there was no equity on the planet?
A. Since Habib slipped through the cracks
B. Since Labaran slipped through the cracks
C. Since Zaki slipped by everyone’s notice
D. Since Talle slipped by everyone’s notice

9. As indicated by Ummi, for what reason was Kabir blissful all of the time?
A. since he maintained that everybody should like him
B. since he was rich
C. Since he was enamored with Salma
D. Since he needed to cover his misery

10. ____ was not one reason why Labaran didn’t give Habib back the cash from Kabir.
A. Habib was rich and needn’t bother with the cash
B. Habib laid down with Salma for the cash
C. Habib told him not to return the cash
D. Habib wouldn’t anticipate that Kabir should in any case have the cash on him

12. Who did Labaran ship off get back the cash from Kabir?
A. Gumuzu
B. Talle
C. Zaki
D. Kartagi

13. was the name of the hooligan that was sent after Kabir from the Gambling house.
A. Gumuzu
B. Talle
C. Zaki
D. Kartagi

14. was not one reason why Habib was awkward with utilizing Zaki once more.
A. Zaki caused him to spend more than 1,000,000 naira
B. Zaki had uncovered him previously
C. Zaki nearly uncovered him previously
D. Zaki was amateurish

15. For what reason did the betting pioneer send a hooligan after Kabir?
A. Since he left in the wake of dominating while the match was still on
B. Since he left in the wake of losing while the game was still on
C. Since he offended the betting pioneer
D. Since he hoodwinked Salma

16. How did the Police compel Talle at no point ever to go to Lafayette in the future?
A. They took steps to resume the seizing body of evidence against him
B. They took steps to tell Hakimi
C. They asked and paid off him
D. They gave him a medication that caused him to fail to remember his town

17. Who was the head of the betting gathering?
A. Hakimi
B. Labaran
C. Kartagi
D. Zaki

18. Aside from the criminal life, Zaki was likewise a
A. effective rancher
B. spare parts vendor
C. government driver
D. constant speculator

19. What amount did Kabir have on him when he left the betting joint?
A. N50,000
B. Under N50,000
C. N300,000
D. More than N300,000

20. Who sang the melody: “The Gambler”?
A. Kelly Rowland
B. Kelly Rogers
C. Kenny Rowland
D. Kenny Rogers

21. What amount did Kabir come to bet with?
A. N50,000
B. Under N50,000
C. N300,000
D. More than N300,000

22. Which brand of telephone did Salim purchase?
A. Infinix
B. Tecno
C. iPhone
D. Samsung

23. For what reason did Ummi presume that they ought to all educate Daddy concerning Omar’s confirmation together?
A. So it will be exceptionally clearly
B. With the goal that their Dad would be frightened
C. So their Dad would be energized and make them anything
D. With the goal that their Dad wouldn’t be irritated

24. was Salim’s companion.
A. Since another person utilized her image on their web-based profile
B. Since she was more wonderful than she seemed on the web
C. Since she was not quite as lovely as she seemed on the web
D. Since she would not see Salim during the daytime

25. For what reason did the carjackers depart Salim’s vehicle at the crossing point
A. Since Salim resisted them
B. Since they saw a Policeman
C. Since they were apprehensive
D. Since they had different plans

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