9 Mistakes Most People Make When Starting E-commerce

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  1. What is e-commerce?

E- Commerce is an electronic buying selling of goods and service, transmission information’s, and data primarily through the internet.
Most people make various silly mistakes when starting E-commerce, in this article I’m going to give you the

9 mistakes most people make when starting E-commerce:

Beginners in the E-commerce world incurs great challenges on how to create useful and successful online business platform, most online newbie’s find it very difficult to create online business platform because of the lack the available knowledge to carry on an e-commerce trade and business advert even to carry their offline business to online using e-commerce business platforms talk less of creating a full online business from the scratch and this makes them to make much mistakes.

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We have some of the E- commerce business, such as the single brand website, online retailers, affiliate websites, market place,(affiliate marketing), drop shipping, blogging, D2C, B2B, etc in this blog most our interest is to give you all the necessary tips for you to be able to start an e-commerce business without making silly mistakes.
The 9 mistakes when most people make when starting E-commerce business:

Quick ambitions to make money:

it is very bad that most young investors are so impatient, they want get rich very quickly even in the ecommerce world, the e-commerce business has to do with present you product to the general public online and worldwide so it something that is perfectly built gradually ,

It is not a place you can come and make money so fast it has to do with your capabilities to brand your business and present more unique to the general public. For example while running a single brand website it is you are expecting to start getting yielding from your products , but you have to get authority to rank on the seo of your browser so that your piece ,of information can be ranked  before getting the attention of the public.

Lacking plans to draw organic traffics:
Drawing organic traffic:

is very important for instance a paid blogger is supposed to have enough traffic, organic traffic to be able to out rank competitors so your information’s will be displace at goggle first page,
But is obvious to that some bloggers lack the plan to draw organic traffic’s as well as the necessary key words to draw traffic to their website but they expect organic traffic is very important organic traffics it ensures site ranking and give it a nice CPC, therefore anybody who wants survive in the E- commerce world, creating a good a good means of organic traffics is quite necessary it enables Google to display product consequently.

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Inadequateness customer support :

Is a very big mistake must young e-commerce entrepreneurs make when they start e-commerce as newbie the forget to channel their attention to quality customer support this involves the product patronizes and sponsorship support because ecommerce business is a very competitive one and you need to offer a very unique product well defined most time this developers lack enough capital to take their product to the internet.

Using a slow payment processor:
Most newbie’s bloggers make huge mistakes when receiving Google payment for the first time the use sluggish payment processors that has very low payment delivery speed even some time waste a lot of time while delivering payments and the fail to even deliver completely while we have many payment fast delivery processor because that is what the no. we have many payment method eg the PayPal processor receiver, Google ad sense, A starrer, propeller.

Poor site navigation:
And because of the knowledge deficiency in e-commerce some newbie’s make their site so much hard to navigate through especially for bloggers over secures their site running a additional programs which slows than the fast flopping in and out of their website and this gives them less visitors because of people find it very difficult to navigate though the site ,
Some bloggers even over restrict their contents locking their content and it discourages people a lot.

Inability to draw social media traffic:
Some individuals are very in experienced to know that you can build traffic through social platforms, such as Face book, what’s app, twitter, Instagram etc.
Drawing face book traffic is very much easier and give quality traffic to website you can do this by updating you link to the social media as very important for people to view your websites and because the face book has millions of members, this can be done through high numbered face book groups.

The issue of building an e-commerce business is very tedious but if the necessary mistakes are able to be guided vehemently this means that every website must be guided as well as being monitored to make sure your that website doesn’t get abandoned, also to be able to detect problems that will draw back organic traffic from the site.
And to be able to follow competitions trend so you don’t get outranked

Classifications of e-commerce are as follows.
Business to business (B2B);
This involve the activities of online product and exchange and service information website,

Business to consumer:
This involves the activities of the retailers such as recognized site the amazons,
Consumer to consumer (C2C).
It involves the activities of the consumers transacting business among themselves.
Eg the royalty of free photos, images and media and designs elements, such as stock.

Business to administration 🙁 B2B).
This is business transactions between companies and the government, which operates in different sectors.
The educational sector which involves dissemination, information, distance learning /online lectures etc.
Social security distributing information about social security terms and payment and in the health is something making appointments providing information’s about, making health service payments.



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