Curse of the Sands Thursday 2nd September 2021 Update Zee World

Curse of the Sands Thursday 30th September 2021 Update Zee World
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Shiv hugs Amar and takes a photo of his parents with him. Amar cries watching the photo emotionally. Sunanda steals a chance to unzip Amar’s bag in the hall. Amar and Shiv had come outside and asks what she is doing. Sunanda looks away at once.

Shiv says touching someone’s bag without permission is wrong. He introduces Amar to Dadi as his younger brother.

Mishra ji says it seems Shiv didn’t recognize him earlier. Shiv says he had invited him to his wedding in the temple but he never showed up; and it’s their personal matter.

Rahul whispers to Ketki that she must forget Shiv, Amar is a better choice. Ketki was stubborn that she only needs Shiv now. Sunanda silently thinks there is something wrong with them.

On the street, Ananya joins Shiv and Amar presenting her favorite sweets. Amar says he doesn’t eat from outside. Ananya clarifies this is Panday Mishthan’s sweet and everything is pure. Shiv agrees that nothing compares the sweet Ananya prepares. Amar holds his ears and does sit-stand

. Ananya conditions he will have to finish the whole box. Amar tastes the sweet and complements that its really the best. He says he is lucky to have a wife like Ananya.

Shiv tells Amar they aren’t yet married. Amar was quizzical. Shiv tells Ananya he can’t lie to his brother. Shiv narrates the whole story to Amar. Amar keenly looks towards Ananya. Ketki joins them and introduces herself as Amar’s 50% sister in law. Shiv laughs that he didn’t have the courage to turn her 100%. Ananya laughs that she is 100% mental. They laugh at her. Ketki was hurt.

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The three return. It was extremely cold. Ananya tells Ketki to bring coffee for them and goes upstairs to the roof to get the clothes. Ketki crushes her bangles in the glass and spreads them on the stairs in Ananya’s path. Amar goes to get water for himself and turns to see Ananya walking downstairs. Ketki was eagerly waiting for Ananya to step over the crushed bangles. Amar place his hand beneath her foot to protect her. His hand bleed badly.

Ananya slips from the stairs, Shiv holds her in the air; her hand still in Amar’s hand. Shiv looks towards the bleeding hand of Amar and silently wonders how he hurt Amar within few hours.

He goes to get the first aid box. Ananya thanks Amar for protecting her, but he didn’t need hurt himself. Ketki wonders why all her plans fail. Ananya so easily wanders with two body guards

Sunanda stops Ketki’s way and inquires what the matter is. Shiv thinks his doubt was right, Mohini is pushing Ketki for all this.

Amar keenly looks towards Ananya while she held his hand carefully. Shiv comes with the first aid box, his phone bell rings at once. Ananya takes the first aid box from Shiv. She smiles thinking about Shiv bandaging her arm. Shiv returns to Amar. He offers Amar his room but Ananya says they have the guest room and no one will disturb him there.

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Sunanda thinks about Amar, his mention of Behram, and then Amar stopping Ananya’s way. Mohini appears in the mirror of her room. Sunanda says she is happy as Amar has arrived, he will let her break Shiv and Ananya’s relationship. She will accomplish whatever Shiv never allowed her.

Ananya unlocks the guest room. It was filled with dust. Shiv asks if his brother will stay in this room.. Ananya replies for sure, it’s just a little dusty.

She takes the broom and says she will clean the room. She then tells Shiv to help her, as Amar is his brother. Shiv agrees to do anything. He says he won’t be able to wash the clothes later, so he need to change his dress.

There in the room, Amar selects clothes from his suitcase. Shiv gives him a track suit to wear. Amar asks how Shiv come to know he forgot the track-suit. He thanks Shiv for this care, as he missed this brotherhood for years. Shiv promises to fulfil each of Amar’s desire.


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