A Lockdown Love Story Friday 15th April 2022 Series Finale

Series Finale – A Lockdown Love Story Friday 15th April 2022 update
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A Lockdown Love Story, Friday 15th April 2022, Series Finale: The last Episode begins with Subhadra says we did as Nutan told us. Nutan asks did I request that you give dark saree to Sheetal. Subhadra says you had called me. Nutan asks her not to lie. Pratap says don’t call us liars, you could do without us. Shashi says don’t fault one another. They all contend. Smooth grins and figures how might you be cheerful at this point. Sonam apologizes to Sheetal. She requests that they quiet down. Shashi expresses such things occur, come. Everybody moves joyfully. Picture taker comes. Nutan says he didn’t come for Sonam’s haldi yet Milky’s pregnancy photograph shoot, I did this to satisfy her. Sheetal says alright. Sonam looks on. Smooth says you are in good shape.

Subhadra and Ankita get haldi. Ankita says we will make you converse with Dhruv. Sonam asks truly. Ankita grins. They leave. Smooth and Nutan get pics clicked. Sheetal requests that Shashi start the haldi rasam. Nutan requests that Shashi take pics with the approaching youngster. He goes for pics. Smooth says I m inclination stomach hurt, I m fine, don’t call the specialist, perhaps the child needs to get pic with whole family. Smooth says I need to get the pic tapped on the steps. Shashi and Dheeraj lift the wheelchair and take Milky higher up. Smooth says I won’t take the pic on this wheelchair, simply help me. Smooth stands. She says stand by, Sonam, you likewise come higher up, child will see his two moms. She requests that Nutan push down Sonam, she will be dead. She makes Sonam fall on the wheelchair. She squeezes Nutan. Nutan pushes the wheelchair. Shashi and Dheeraj save Sonam. Pratap asks Sonam is she fine. He expresses gratitude toward Shashi for saving her life. Shashi says she is our little girl moreover. They embrace. Dhruv calls Sonam. She cries and races to accept the call. He says I m with you by everything that is in me, only couple of days then we will be together, I love you Sonam. Sonam says I love you as well. Pratap expresses come for haldi rasam. He starts the rasam and applies haldi to Sonam.

They all apply the haldi and grin. Police returns home. Assessor says its an awful information for all of you, Batasa got killed. They get stunned. Overseer says his family came to us, we figured out that somebody killed him. They generally get stunned. Sonam says how could anybody do this with him, he was great with everybody. Examiner asks who had seen him last. Nutan says he disappeared and went to town, he resembled my child, I had raised him, he was so guiltless and wonderful. Shashi says this ought to have not occurred, track down the guilty party. Auditor asks do you feel a little doubtful on anybody. Smooth sees Sheetal and remembers to show her something new. She requests that Nutan follow through with something. Nutan says I question Sheetal. Sheetal asks what.

A Lockdown Love Story last episode

She says I m generally with you, how could I kill Batasa. Investigator says you won’t leave the city now. He cautions her and goes. Nutan says Sheetal, quit upsetting Milky at this point. Sonam looks on. Afterward, Sonam goes to Nutan and asks what’s alarming you. She says you can let me know if anybody is alarming you, return to Shashi’s room, I will deal with Milky. Smooth comes. Nutan gets frightened seeing her. She says I m fine here, I won’t leave Milky, I will deal with her. Sonam goes. Smooth requests that Nutan get frightened. She shows the video confirmation against Nutan covering Batasa’s body.

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She says you need to kill Sonam during her mehendi, else I will kill everybody in the family. Nutan cries. Its morning, Subhadra requests that Milky accompany them to Mumbai, she will convey her child there. Pratap says you can wed again by observing a decent person, we will settle you in Mumbai. Smooth asks will I go. Nutan chastens them for removing her main beneficiary. Smooth says they would attempt to dispose of this child, right. She additionally lashes out and requests that they not get desirous of her. Pratap and Subhadra leave.

Ankita, Sonam, Sheetal and Sneha stowing away. Ankita calls Nutan outside. She says Dheeraj and I need to design a kid, you can give me specialist’s number. Nutan believes its a phony specialist, I can’t tell her anything. Smooth thinks they are playing a game with me. Nutan says let the marriage occurs, then, at that point, we will examine it, center around the capacities. She goes. Sonam says we can get confirmation from the medical clinic. Sheetal says OK. Ankita says Nutan has declined. Sheetal says I will put off the lights, Sneha can proceed to take reports from Milky’s pantry. Sonam says OK, specialist will come clean at this point. Nutan keeps a note in the neckband box. Smooth comes asking what’s going on with you. Nutan says I need to give adornments to Sonam. Smooth says you will kill her today, you will wound her with this blade. Nutan goes getting down on Sonam.

Sonam inquires as to for what reason are you stressed. Nutan says no, this neckband is for mehendi and sangeet, keep it. Sonam expresses profound gratitude, alright. Nutan says open it and see. Smooth stops Sonam. She says you needed to give this enormous neckband. Sonam goes. Smooth gets the note and chastens Nutan. Nutan says leave me. Smooth says you are the most absurd lady.

Sneha says Sonam is getting mehendi applied. She records everything. Everybody grins. Ankita shows her mehendi. Dhruv sees them on the video call. Shashi goes to call Nutan. Smooth says I needed to let you know something, I realize you favor Sonam, however you have acknowledged my child, much appreciated. She requests that he acknowledge the beverage assuming he has pardoned her. He drinks the juice. She says I feel fretful, could you at any point give me the towel. He goes to washroom. Nutan comes. Smooth requests that she take the blade and do everything she said. Nutan says leave me. Smooth takes her to washroom and shows Shashikant oblivious. She undermines Nutan. She requests that Nutan proceed to kill Sonam. She says you will be going to prison, Dhruv and I will be here, go at this point.

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Everybody moves in the sangeet. Nutan brings Milky there. Sheetal says Sneha ought to continue right time. Sneha tumbles down. She says I got a foot sprain, I m fine, all of you dance. The light goes out. Nutan strikes. Sonam shouts. Light returns. Everybody gets stunned seeing Ankita injured. They see the blade fallen. Smooth yells for help. Sonam pulls Milky back. Everybody comes and help Milky. Shashi gets cognizant and comes out. Smooth fakes a premature delivery. She lies in torment. Specialist comes and actually looks at Milky. He says sorry, she had an unsuccessful labor, what else is there to do, we are upset for this misfortune, deal with her.

Smooth does a dramatization. Smooth says Sonam had pushed me. Sheetal asks what. Smooth says Sonam and her family were after me and killed my child. Sonam asks what are you talking about, I have saved you. Nutan says this marriage will not occur now, marriage is dropped. Everybody looks on.

Sonam meets Sheetal and asks what will we do now. Sheetal says Nutan is with Milky, I don’t have the foggiest idea. Sonam says she examines pressure, I feel Milky has caught her. Sheetal says OK, she can do this, Batasa had been killed and Nutan thought me, how did Shashi faint, Ankita got injured, Milky had an unnatural birth cycle, how did Batasa get killed. Sonam requests that she find out. She says I will find about Milky’s unnatural birth cycle. Its morning, Nutan says Dhruv got fine, you proceed to get him home soon. Shashi says he will be disturbed assuming we go. She says I maintain that whole family should proceed to get him, Milky is at home, I have her obligation, proceed to get Dhruv soon. Shashi and everybody leave.

Sonam goes to an emergency clinic. She takes mask. She requests that specialist make her phony pregnancy report. Specialist says this doesn’t occur here. Sonam says my companion told its done in this clinic, Milky. She gives him cash. He says tell her not to tell this to anybody once more. He takes the cash and expresses go from here, I will give the report in evening. She expresses gratitude toward him.

A Lockdown Love Story Friday 15th April 2022 Series Finale : Sheetal seeing the blood blemishes on the ground. She sees a cctv film. She says I will see the recording and figure out reality, something has occurred here. Sheetal requests that the gatekeeper show the cctv film. He rejects. She pays him cash. He shows the recording. She gets stunned seeing the recording. She sees Nutan and Milky taking Batasa’s dead body. Nutan reproves Milky and says I will

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