A Magic Love Story – Teasers September 2021

A Magical Love Story Saturday 10th October 2021
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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Episode 121.

Twenty years ago, a Junaid Khan hopeless had taken drastically after joining Jin. Then, Parveen and Tabreezi were disappointed with his way of life.

Episode 122.

Junaid Khan plans to sacrifice a safe life after throwing Tabreezi and Farah out of the house. Then, Junaid’s battle for life when his sins were launched.

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Episode 123.

Safe and Roshni shared a beautiful moment, watching the sunrise in hot air balloons. Then, Khans united to protect Roshni from the danger of the grave.

Episode 124.

Khans lamented tragic death safe while Roshni was destroyed loss of consciousness. Then, he departed with a mission to prove his love for safe.

Friday, September 3 2021

Episode 125.

Roshni fulfilled a long brother safe, Rehan Khan, who agreed to help him. While Nasreen tried to block Roshni, Jinn approached the Khan Mansion.

Episode 126.

Jin enters the Khan Mansion and eliminates a safe spirit. Then, Roshini agreed to make the highest sacrifice. Will Jinn consider his appeal?

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Saturday 4 September 2021

Episode 127.

Rehan was confused when Roshni hid the truth from them safe and her family. Then, he told Khan about his past and his family.

Episode 128.

Khans are surprisingly safe by decorating his room elegantly. At night, safe and Roshni shared a romantic moment while Rehan went to the club.

Sunday 5 September 2021

Episode 129.

Khans remained unaware of the fact that the flying sauces spied on their homes. Meanwhile, Shayari went for an interview at the Rehan office.

Episode 130.

Roshni avoided consuming a safe tablet while Rehan was angry with Shayari’s fault. Meanwhile, foreigners entered Tabeezi’s house.

Monday, September 6 2021

Episode 131.

While Roshni asked for an extraordinary request for Rehan, Shayari would be surprisingly sweet. Then, Roshni angrily brought a disaster when safely revealed the truth.

Episode 132.

Safely tried to comfort Roshni who was confused. While Rehan was worried about the existence of Farhan, another danger awaited Khan.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Episode 133.

Roshni rushed to not know safe about her pregnancy. While Rehan and safe was trapped in magical smoke sent by Jin Shikari, Shayari visited Khan.

Episode 134.

Safe to get a doctor’s home to check Roshni’s health. Elsewhere, Natasha met Rehan in his office while he decided to find out more about Shayari.

Wednesday, September 8 2021

Episode 135.

Natasha tried to seduce Rehan. He still insisted that Shayari was Jin Shikari. Then, it was safe to suspect that Roshni was pregnant.

Episode 136.

Roshni studied the surprising facts about her pregnancy through the magical ritual Tabreezi. While Rehan was stunned by Shayari’s strange law, Tabreezi started a mission.

Thursday 9 September 2021

Episode 137.

While Shayari entered the Rehan cabin, Natasha hypnotized it to create unexpected sights. Meanwhile, Khans studied some unexpected news about Tabreezi.

Episode 138.

The safe was overwhelmed to hear about Roshni’s pregnancy. Elsewhere, Shayari was afraid when Rehan decided to punish him in a unique way.

Friday 10 September 2021

Episode 139.

Not aware of the presence of Jin, Roshni received a pleasant surprise from Khan. Meanwhile, Natasha sneaked into a Rehan room with a cunning intention.

Episode 140.

With the hope of seeing Farhan returning home, Rehan proposed to Natasha. Elsewhere, Shayari landed in a big danger.

Saturday 11 September 2021

Episode 141.

Tabrizi offers to help Roshni save his son while Shayari issued his anger at Rehan. Then, the Natasha and Rehan engagement ceremony began at Khan Mansion.

Episode 142.

Tabreezi brought home Zidra to help Roshni. While Shayari Cunningly Tricks Rehan, Roshni struggled to hide his secret from the safe

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