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A Magical Love Friday 7th September 2021 The episode starts with Shayari saying Kaala Jin is the enemy of the king of Jinnat for his sword, we will get something here. They look around. Everyone is sad to see the egg.

Shayari got Roshni’s phone. Roshni said we didn’t get treasure, Shola Jin wanted something else, we tried to give everything to him. Shayari said Shola Jin did not change anyone into an egg. Roshni said maybe he tried to tell us something. Shola Jinn said Khazana. Some visible light forms outside on the page. Treasure box appears. Safe said we gave you a treasure.

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Rehan said we didn’t get a clue here. Shayari said someone was here. Rehan moves Ricks with magic. They saw dead humor. He said how he came here. Shayari said seeing a sign on his back. Rehan said how he came here when he died near Ungu Jharna. Shayari takes photos and says we will ask my teacher.

Dadi asks the baby, can he hear it. He cried to see the egg. Safely asks for Dadi not to worry, they will find out why Shola Jin came here.

Roshni said I didn’t know you, I knew you would never hurt us, we wanted to give you whatever you want, we didn’t have a treasure. The egg appears in a treasure box. Rest.

Roshni asked to do something happening. Shola Jin turns into a monster. Roshni was surprised. He asks what you want. He moved away from the fire. Sara came and was injured by fire.

He turned into an egg. Everyone comes and is surprised. Roshni said Sarah had turned into an egg. Safely ask where Shola Jinn is. Roshni said he was here, I asked him about treasure, he was angry. Safely said our mistake, Tabreezi told us that he was dangerous, we should kill him.

Roshni said she was not our enemy, Shayari said she was harmless. Safely said we could see him harmed us, we’d better find it and kill him, stay here. Tabreezi comes. Safely said Shola Jin made Sara and Phupi turn into eggs. Tabreezi said I knew it, it wasn’t the solution to send it, we had to kill him.

Roshni asks what, there will be several other ways, I don’t think we have to kill him, we have to find treasure. Safely say imp to protect family, stay here. Tabreezi sees. Ustad Ji looks at the picture. He said I didn’t think this Lal Jinn died a few days ago. Shayari said no, he fell in purple Jharna.

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He said someone killed him, we could find out, he was killed by the sword, it was not an ordinary sword, his sword from King Janet. Rehan asked how it was broken in front of us. Ustad Ji said no, the sword would never break, if the sword’s soul was taken, then the soul could change the ordinary sword into a sword of King Jinnat. Shayari said that means someone has stolen the power of the king safely and then killed the jhumru. Rehan asks but why do you do this.

Tabreezi gets a sword in hand. He smiled. He said I would force Roshni to kill Shola Jinn. He sharpened the sword. Safe to see it. Tabreezi says this sword dust will make my work easy. He came to him. He was surprised. He asked what. He asked if it was hidden here. He asked what. He hid the sword. He asked if Shola Jinn hid here. He said no. He said alright, what did you do here.

He said I also found it, I will come. He goes. He disappeared the sword. He took dust. He said this would force Roshni to commit a crime. Roshni saw some blood signs. He opened the door and saw Shola Jinn sick. He said let me help you with help. Dadi says we get it, we will catch it now. Shola Jinn blew fire.

Safe to catch Shola Jinn. He asked Roshni to come quickly. Roshni sees. Tabreezi said Roshni, Serang first, otherwise he would run away.


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