A Magical Love Monday 13th September 2021

A Magical Love Story Saturday 10th October 2021
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A Magical Love Monday 13th September 2021 Roshni saw a woman followed safely and lifted it in the air. Safely ask who he is and what he is doing here. The woman begged to disappoint it. Roshni dropped it and safely hugged her. Roshni said he was the same woman as he saw in a dream. Safely ask who he is. The woman said she was a safe word.

Safely asked why he didn’t come when he called him. The woman said she felt guilty, so she came now. Roshni angrily asked why he came now. Safely asked why he felt insecure. Women fall unconscious. Safely took him to the room and told Roshni that whether women lay or not, they need to find out who sent it.

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A Magical Love Monday 13th September 2021. Rehan tells Natasha that they have to get married to exchange their bodies again. He saw the magical card words faded. Natasha said they only had a few more hours and had to get married as soon as possible because they had no other choice. Regaju agrees and tells the family who says he can help. Safely said he wanted to get engaged to Natasha before saying he was helpless and now said the same. Rohaan said this would be a fake marriage. Natasha heard they thought so marrying Regaju, he would finish him. After some time, the family gets ready for Regaju and Natasha’s wedding.

Woman/sword wake up and see Tabreezi say his life is risky because of him. He tried to get up but found himself in the chain. Tabreezi took care of his suitcase and threw it in Lawn walking to safe and Roshni and said he had to go out to make some settings, thinking he had to take a sword from here soon. Safe and Roshni insisted on him to stay back. The Natasha and Rehaan wedding ceremony begins. Qazi Saheb asked Natasha if he accepted his marriage to Regan. He said yes and thought so he married him, he would destroy his whole family. When the hehone will receive, Shayari enters and with magic swipe their bodies again. Natasha stood shocked and shouted why he returned to Again.

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Shayari dragged the DeHaan out of steady and scolded him with his style. He said Jinn Shikaris had a large number of herbs exchanging souls, but Natasha lied and convinced the helm of marrying him so he could kill the whole family. Natasha, he can kill them even now and call monsters. The family tries to destroy monsters in vain. Safely calls his sword. Women/swords build chains and suitcases and run to safely become a sword. Safe to destroy monsters. Tabreezi Escapes Thinking Sword will reveal the truth. Natasha disappeared said he would be back soon.

Tabreezi met with Red Jin and gave him a sword. He returned to him his parents and said this was not the king of Jinn’s sword. He said yes. He asked him to bring a sword, otherwise, he would not help him. He showed him a bottle and said he transferred the sword energy into this bottle, the behavior could destroy the monster because of his strength, but soon the sword would be wasted for him. Back home, Roshni apologized for the sword because of doubting it. Safely ask who wants to hurt him. Sword said who he trusted the most and disappeared. Holiness said it was a bad sign and if the sword was not safe, he was not King Jin now.

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