A Magical Love Monday 20th September 2021

A Magical Love Story Saturday 10th October 2021
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A Magical Love Monday 20th September 2021 Shayari saw Natasha with someone  Tabeezi and followed him to the hospital, but they both hid. The two of them tried to leave when safe walked in and asked Tabeezi what he did with Natasha. Tabreezi said he knew he would come here to get his mother’s report and throw the liquid at him turning it into an ugly man. Natasha asks what he does.

Tabreezi said Roshni would not identify safe and can be dangerous, then he would prove Ayana’s that Roshni was not worthy of holding Angel’s heart. Natasha asked how if it was safe, to tell the truth to the Tabeezi family said he would make him forget and not speak in front of the family.

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Safely reaching home, people are afraid of their badness. He reached the house and called Roshni and his family. Roshni walked to him and asked who he was. He will talk when Tabreezi enters and throws the liquid to him. Safe to start blowing. Roshni asks what he wants to say. Daadi was worried and asked Roshni to get away from the man. Roshni said humans wanted to say something.

Shayari told Rega that someone helped Natasha and they needed to find out. They reached Natasha’s house with Nok Jhok which usually continued where Shayari was trapped in a glass box and the time bomb began to beat.

Reagan told it would explode in 2.5 minutes. Shayari Panics said he wasn’t even married and didn’t bear the children, he didn’t want to die soon. Relapsing him. Shayari asked him to escape and save his life. He said he would live or die with him and use his magical power to break down the glass and hug him.

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Safely out and think why he can’t speak in front of the family. He washing his face and becoming worse. Tense he returned home. Daadi confirmed Roshni to send bad men to protect their family. Tabreezi said he found that he was Kachra / Jin waste and was convicted of vile actions. Saima and Saira said they were afraid of ugly men.

Safely trying to talk again, but Hungbers. Roshni said he wanted to tell him something and follow him. He took him to their room. He felt he knew him from before. Tabreezi hides the liquid throw on safely making it aggressive. Safely pushed Roshni. He fell, but Arma’s magic hangs in the air.

The family becomes worried but relaxes to see it safely. Tabreezi determines to make it safe more aggressive and force Roshni to punish him, then he can prove Roshni is cruel and take the heart of the angel from him. Roshni said his son’s son saved him once again.

Precap: Roshni wrote a punishment for Kachra / Jin trash.
Tabreezi asked him to print the Ayana seal on the order. Roshni did. Tabreezi thinks he wrote a secure death order.


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