A Magical Love Saturday 18th September 2021

A Magical Love Story Saturday 10th October 2021
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A Magical Love Saturday 18th September 2021 Daadi saw Shola Jin in a room and told Roshni to kill him. Shola Jinn spits out their fire. Safely rushed in and closed the door with magic. Daadi said Shola Jin would immediately open the door, so Roshni had to kill Shola Jinn. Roshni said he didn’t want to kill Shola Jin as a problem was something else and they needed to find out. Tabreezi said to let Roshni use the Ayana instinct and think he would force Roshni to kill Shola Jinn.

Shola Jinn broke the door and came out. Tabreezi insists Roshni kill Shola Jinn. Roshni will attack Shola Jin when the argument cries. He held an armor and comforted him. Shola Jin disappeared. Armaan stopped crying. Roshni said something was wrong, the argument stopped crying as soon as Shola Jin disappeared, meaning he wanted to protect Shola Jin. Tabreezi thinks he will provoke Roshni to kill Shola Jinn.


Shayari with the reprehensive meeting of Ustad / Teacher and asked him to help them find Jinn’s sword king.
Ustad notifies them that today Jinn Tara will appear and if a Jin pray see Jinn Tara, he will get whatever he wants. Holiness said he was Jin and would pray, asking for the location of Jin Tara. Shayari Jokes. Ustaad told him that he would find Jinn Tara where Jinn’s sword king appeared first.

Roheness and Roshni reached the venue and got fascinated to see the beauty of the place. He pointed at Jin Tara. Shayari though he praised his beauty and felt embarrassed. He asked him to turn and see. He felt ashamed to see Jinn Tara. He prayed to Jin Tara to take him to Jinn’s sword king. Tara shows its direction.

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Shola Jinn left the house and looked for his wealthy baby when Tabreezi got the King of Jin’s sword and threatened Shola Jin to find his wealth first. He thought he had made arrangements to kill Shola Jinn’s baby and made him angry. Natasha spread poisoned smoke around Shola Jinn’s baby.

Shola Jinn headed for her baby when it was safe to catch it with a rope and pull it. The family joins him. Tabreezi confirmed Roshni to use his clip and killed Shola Jinn before he killed them all. Roshni attacked Shola Jinn when the army began to cry. Shola Jinn changed the attack to hear 2 babies crying. Tabreezi continued to insist Roshni kill Shola Jinn. Roshni told him safely that Shola Jinn’s wealth was his baby and he was looking for his baby.

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