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 A Magical Love Story Friday 1st October 2021:The episode begins with Roshni talking to the argument. He showed a Rehan stick. He was afraid of seeing a few bugs in the box. He threw a box and hugged Arma. Rehan said there was no stain here, whether Roshni …. He saw his pic deleted in the frame. Roshni goes to Tabreezi and says you break your promise, you have attacked us.

Tabreezi says no, safely attacks me. Roshni said safely locked in the mirror, why are you after Rehan. Tabreezi asks what. Roshni said I had seen red markers try to eat a Rehan stick, you want to kill him. Tabreezi said why I would endanger Rehan, safe was my enemy, he was locked up in the mirror, I didn’t have a threat now, why I’ll do it now, I’m not Jin to get a red mark, I know. Roshni said I would find out. He goes.

Tabreezi smiled and saw Natasha. He said I didn’t act, I didn’t send red markab, you sent him. They smile. Dadi says you don’t swear in the army because of the red mark.

Rehan said yes, I didn’t tell Roshni, I didn’t want to see it more worried, Tabreezi was our big enemy now, we can’t do anything, Roshni will get hurt, Shayari has found Natasha, anyone has sent a red markoo, we have to Protect Roshni.

 A Magical Love Story Friday 1st October 2021 Phupi asks who can send them. Roshni said I doubt Tabreezi, I have stopped everyone from doing anything, it would be wrong. Rehan said we had to hide it from Roshni. Tabreezi said Rhehni and Rehan would try to kill red markings without telling each other, they made promises and they violated it, they did not know who was on our target. Natasha said but the red markab knew it well. Red Marking Ride the Armaan Box. Tabreezi said the argument would not come between me and my angel.

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Phupi said we had to hide it, but from who. Roshni said everyone, we didn’t know why red markabs came here. They were surprised to see the red markab. Rehan said we had to protect Roshni. They see so many red markers. Dadi said we had to kill and protect Roshni. Fears of Phupi.

Salma comes and gets some cleaning equipment. They tried to kill Markab. Rehan asks what you have. Roshni said I made a lizard away. Rehan said I saw the painting, you left, I would make a lizard. He asked him to go to the office and manage the business. They see red markab. Rehan thinks if Roshni goes, I will kill Rani Markab. He thinks the same. The two of them asked if you knew. Dadi came and said there was a lot … he saw Roshni and stopped. Everyone comes.

Phupi said the lizard had returned, I beat him with hockey. Roshni stopped Dadi and said all of you know about the red markab, we had to kill them with magic, I would get a Rehan stick. Rehan does magic. Rehan does magic. Leaf markab. They saw the markab coming to attack them.

 A Magical Love Story Friday 1st October 2021 Rehan fell. He lost his wand. Everyone shouted. Rehan asks them to stay away. A book falls there. Markab touched the book and returned from there. Everyone sees. Rehan took the book. He said I was fine, they didn’t attack me, they came so close. Roshni asked how this might be. Rehan said I thought they came for me. Roshni said I had seen them eat your stick. He said I had seen them eat your fotom, the army was on your lap.

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He was worried and said Armaan. He said it meant they came for the argument. They came to the room and saw a covered box with markab.

Rehan does magic and fails. Roshni brought the army to him and ran. Markab surrounded him. Rehan tries magic and hurt. Rehan said he didn’t know why my magic didn’t work.

Roshni said what we would do now. He asked safely to help them. He saw something written. He read Science Jinn written. Rehan said my wander fell on the book, that’s why my magic attacked me now. Roshni said the red Markab did not stop without killing the target, maybe you can reverse the red marking target. He got the book. Markab forgetting books and


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