A Magical Love Story Friday 8th October 2021

A Magical Love Story Saturday 10th October 2021
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A Magical Love Story Friday 8th October 2021 Roshni sees sudden darkness and falls down unconscious seeing the golden sun. The family walks to her and stands frozen.

Tabeezi says they didn’t listen to her and wasted time. She tells Aman its golden sun’s light which they all were waiting for. She reminds Aman that he was challenged to take revenge, but can’t even move now.

She doesn’t want to kill Roshni, but she cannot forgo her angel’s heart and the moment she was waiting for ages; Roshni is her niece and she will make sure she doesn’t get pain while she dies. She picks angel’s heart from Roshni and disappears. The family gets back to normal and rushes to Roshni.

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A Magical Love Story Friday 8th October 2021 They try to wake her up in vain. Daadi says it’s golden sun’s night. Tabeezi returns and says Roshni is dead. Ammi pleads to revive Roshni as she got her angel’s heart already. Tabeezi says she can’t hear their cries, they fought many battles together and now be ready to die. She snaps her fingers, and evil jinns appear and seek her order.

Tabeezi orders to kill them all. Aman asks Rehan to take the family from here and fails to use his magic. Table says his magic will not work on the golden sun’s night. Nets fall on family, and Aman tries to free them in vain. Mardi jinn says they cannot break her net and will die in 10 seconds.

She reverses counts till 10 and the family falls down dead. Aman pleads with Daadi to open their eyes. Midget jinn stabs Rehan and Shayari and they both fall down dead smiling at each other. Aman rushes to them. Tabeezi stabs Aman from behind and walks away. Aman also falls down and crawling to Roshni looks at her face dies holding her hand. Serial’s title track plays in the background.

Roshni wakes up from sleeping worried seeing this nightmare. The family rushes to her and asks if she is fine. She asks if they are all fine. They say they are fine, but what had happened to her, she fell unconscious. Roshni sees her ring missing and says it means Ammi wants to show her something. Aman asks what did she see.

A Magical Love Story Friday 8th October 2021 Roshni says Tabeezi killed them all, they are right Tabeezi doesn’t deserve an angel’s heart, so she will not give it to her. The family gets happy hearing that and asks what will she do. Roshni asks Shayari to help her as she cannot risk her child. Shayari says she is ready to give birth to her baby. She ties a thread to their wrists and says she will transfer the baby from Roshni’s womb to her womb. She succeeds in doing so. A smoke appears suddenly and they are shifted to a jungle.

Precap: Roshni tells Tabeezi that she is ready to accompany her. Tabeezi says she doesn’t have any other option. Roshni emotionally hugs Aman.


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