A Magical Love Story Monday 4th October 2021

A Magical Love Story Saturday 10th October 2021
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A Magical Love Story Monday 4th October 2021 Queen Marakab Comes to Roshni Queen Marakab came to Roshni, who saw Roshni worried and asked her grandmother to rush on her lives in and the nurse did the same.

Queen Marrakab stepped to imagine and began to turn towards Natasha because her orders were upside down due to the effect of imagining glass.

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Natasha told Hamlar to go to Junaid Haveli to find out what happened there. Then Marakab came to Natasha and finished it.

A Magical Love Story Monday 4th October 2021 Hamalar Natasha also ended in front of Roshni and others, and Shayari said it was the reason. Rubina felt that Natasha was not with him now, and he hoped Roshni, Rehan, and Shayari would also release safe immediately, so he had to immediately do something so Roshni, Rehan, and Shayari’s plan were unsuccessful.

On the other hand, Rehan tried to send Ilmejin back to the mirror, but the book did not go inside. He then decided to go to the library and think of freeing safely rather than science in. But Rubina disappeared into the mirror before he approached the mirror.

Roshni, Rehan, and Shyi tried to find a mirror. Rubina immediately hopes the mirror disappears and is safe to end.

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A Magical Love Story Monday 4th October 2021 But Rehan found another mirror and Roshni sent Ilmejin to the mirror. But it’s safe still don’t make a way out of the mirror. Mirror told Roshni that safe was not safe in the hands of Rubina. Roshni went to Rubina and challenged him to end his day in the golden sun.

Whatever Roshni said, Rubina said that she had seen that the place of Roshni was in the cemetery and no one could change this fact because of what happened, what happened in the end, was written in fate.


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