A Magical Love Story Saturday 4th September 2021

A Magical Love Story Saturday 10th October 2021
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In this post, A Magical Love Story Saturday 4th September 2021 Tabreezi said the magical door broke. Safe says we have one more, we have no other way, we have no choice but to take risks. Kaala Jinn tried to take her baby. Tabreezi asks for safe to be careful. Safe failed to pass. Roshni asked safely to hurry. Safe to stay back.

He said keep trying, you can save us. Roshni disappeared. It’s safe to be angry and try again. He passed and reached the cave. He saw Kaala Jin take the baby.

He ran with a sword and hit the hands of Kaala Jinn. Kaala Jinn left the baby. Safely see the baby and become emotional. Abhi mujhme kahin … .plays ….

He hugged the baby and asked if you were fine. Baby smiles. Safe surprised to see Roshni freeze. He said no … he went to Roshni.

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He said you were very strong, you have sent me a message even after being ice, we saved our baby, how can you leave us, our story is not an ordinary story, this is the story of Jinnat King and Ayana, this can’t happen, you can’t Angry and leave me, my anger is my love, you can’t punish me, I can’t live without you, please return. He cried and said back for his baby. Kahani Hamari …plays ….

His tears fell in his hand. He began to change normally. He happily cried and took him. Safe to hug him. They cry. Someone with a white umbrella goes to Kaala Jinn. He asks if you are ready for that deal.

Safe and Roshni returned home with the baby. Everyone likes to see the baby. Sara said if Kaala Jinn released a safe deal, why she chased the baby.

Tabrizi says yes, I don’t understand it. Saima said the baby would have the power of Ayana and Jin, whether he wanted a baby for strength. Tabrizi said no, he had a lot of strength, the reason was something else, we had to find out.

Shayari said I knew something about it. Rehan says we know everything about you, we won’t believe Jin Shikari. Safe said let him say. Shayari said I checked the note to examine Kaala Jin, it was written that he had never lost, he was always one step ahead.

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Rehan asked him to arrive at essence. He said we didn’t know the plan, we could know the plan if we were in front of one day, so we knew the plan, then we could easily defeat him. Tabrizi said correctly.

Safely asked Tabeezi, is a possible time trip. Tabrizi says yes, but it’s dangerous too. They heard the sound of a bell. Safely said we were ready to take this risk.

Roshni said we could risk saving a baby from Kaala Jinn. Shayari said the key this time will change this clock into a time machine, we can use it once. Tabrizi says anyone who goes will be a day ahead, take care of a baby, safe, be careful. Dadi asks if there is a danger in the tunnel.

Roshni asked her not to worry. Shayari says you only have 15 minutes, you have to get out of the time machine, otherwise, you will be stuck forever. Safe and Roshni enter the time machine. Shayari run the time machine. Kaala Jinn comes home.

Safely said Junaid made this agreement, I would fulfill it, I would come with you. Roshni said no, you took me. Kaala Jinn said I could get Jin and Ayana to your child.


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