A Magical Love Story Monday 6th September 2021

A Magical Love Story Saturday 10th October 2021
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this, post A Magical Love Story Saturday 6th September 2021 The episode starts with Dadi asking Roshni to take the argument inside. Tabreezi asked safely to keep an eye on the lights, he would try to find out. Safe said sure.

Shayari said Teacher Jinn Shikari remained here. Rehan asks here? Shayari said yes, I studied everything from him. He said I could see. They argue. He said that Mr. Ji. He asks what Chaat Wala will tell us the name Kaala Jinn. He asked him to wait there.

Safe and Roshni see the lights. He said it was good that the lights were not open, the danger would leave. He said we couldn’t delay something, Tabreezi asked me to keep an eye on the lights, I couldn’t make you and the baby away from my sight.

Roshni said the argument had fallen cold. He cared for a baby. Safe to go to get a blanket. He turned and saw a lost baby. Shayari said he didn’t know Kaala Jinn’s name. Rehan asks how. Shayari said it was not easy, so Kaala Jinn had a challenge to save and Roshni.

Safe back and ask where Arma is. Roshni cried and said he appeared. They see the lamp open. They heard a woman’s voice. They ran to see. They saw the Arma with the old woman.

Roshni took her baby. Safely ask who you are. He said I know you are a baby’s parents, I’m Chunmun Daai, no need to be afraid, I calm lots of babies like that, I also take care of their families.

Safely asks if you are from lights. He said of course, that does not mean that you both have to fight me to get an answer, how could an old woman fight with Jinnat King and Ayana, I came to give an answer, but not so easy, you have to find my weakness, until then, treat your guests, take care of me, I will take care of you, are you ready.

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Safe to say yes. He asked the whole family. Dadi said we were all ready. Chunmun asks for food. Dadi said sure, you might come.

Shayari Eat Golgappa. Rehan says that means you go to Golgappa seller that day when I follow you. He said it was a bad thing to follow a funny, innocent, and simple girl. They argue.

He said to essence, you only have Golgappas. He said I went to find Kaala Jinn’s name. He asked him to have a Golgappas. He said never. He saw a fork in the box. He said I understood, this is the answer. He asked what. He said Mr. Ji’s style was amazing.

He asked him to go and ask him. He said I couldn’t ask him, he just gave instructions, we had to find out. He said I knew, you were angry and he was crazy. He threw the fork. Flying forks in the air. He asked him to cover his mouth if he didn’t know. He said we had to take this fork. They follow the fork

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Roshni makes a baby sleep. He was surprised to see spider webs in the closet. He saw a web trap above the argument cradle. He got armor out and cried. Tabrizi and Salma are surprised to see a big web. Dadi said I had made Aloo Paratha, hope you like it.

He didn’t see Chunmun. He saw the web on the dining table. Sara itchy. Dadi asked him to get ready and went for the test. Sara showed her wound. Dadi asked him to come, possibly insect bites. Dadi, Roshni, and everyone talked about the web. Dadi said Chunmun lost.

Roshni asked where he left. They heard Chunmun singing. Roshni said maybe he had an argument with him. Shayari says you have me to Kaala Jin and I want to enter, you want to trap me. Shayari says you are wrong, Kaala Jin will leave safe, and Roshni, and he will chase you, why.

He joked at him. He asked him to go home, he would handle it alone. He goes. Rehan followed him.

Roshni asked Chunmun to stay away. He rebuked him. Roshni thinks about how she weaves without wool. Chunmun said it was wrong to behave like this with guests. Safely ask what happened. Chunmun scolded them. Rehan and Shayari get a glass bottle.

They saw Jin trapped. Jin asks who you are, what you did in my brother’s cave, he broke me. Rehan says you will know his name, let us know. Jin said we didn’t have one direction, Dea

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