A Magical Love Story Sunday 3rd October 2021

A Magical Love Story Saturday 10th October 2021
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A Magical Love Story Sunday 3rd October 2021 The family waited for Roshni back from Tabeezi’s house. Roshni returned, and the family asked where was safe. Roshni said in the mirror world. Daadi asked even after returning Science Jinn’s book. Roshni said Tabreezi was trapped safely in the mirror and did not let it be free.

Shayari said Natasha sent Lal Markab with the Tabeezi command. Daadi said he did not know Tabeezi could endanger their families. Rehan said Tabeezi did not make his blood promise made for Roshni, he would not handle it. Roshni stopped him and said he would release him safely at any cost, he wanted the whole family to stay together until the night of Golden Sun and hugged the family.

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Tabreezi’s magical tree falls with their union. Tabreezi smoke saw it and thought he had to destroy the unity and check the Roshni family at Ilme Jinn. He found a solution and saw the key thinking well he stole it from Lal Jinn. He entered the cave opened the door and dragged the coffin. The Roshni family felt it and hoped Tabeezi did not make any more trouble.

Roshni suffered severe stomach pain. Related family. Roshni said this was a pain similar to what he got during his kidney operation. Ammi told Roshni to donate his kidney to Parveen.

A Magical Love Story Sunday 3rd October 2021 The family said Roshni was not the only kind but even sacrificed himself for the family. Saba asked why he didn’t tell them before when it was safe to blame him. Roshni membrane incident and said he didn’t want to hurt safely. He rushed to the bathroom and smiled.

The Family asked what happened. He showed them a positive pregnancy test. The family rejoiced at that. Shayari and Rehan enter. The family informed that Roshni and safe became a parent again. They congratulate Roshni.

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Rehan was angry at Roshni that if he didn’t survive from Tabeezi and killed him, they would not face the problem now. The family asked if he was not happy with Roshni’s pregnancy news. He said he was and congratulated him. Shayari scolds him. On the other hand, Tabreezi aroused 2 crimes from the coffin after saving them from hellfire.

A Magical Love Story Sunday 3rd October 2021 Shayari examined his bag and told Rehan that he was examining weapons to fight Tabeezi. Rehan thanked him for supporting his family and protecting him. He asked what else. He teased him and asked him to meet him in Lawn in 10 minutes. He likes to hear that.

Precap: Roshni told him safely that they were safe to be responsible because he became an older brother. Safe from the other side of the mirror becomes emotional.


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