A Magical Love Story Thursday 21st October 2021

A Magical Love Story Saturday 10th October 2021
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A Magical Love Story Thursday 21st October 2021:Family waits for Roshni to return from Tabeezi’s house. Roshni returns, and family asks where is Aman. Roshni says in mirror world. Daadi asks even after returning ilme jinn book.

Roshni says Tabeezi trapped Aman in mirror and is not letting him free. Shayari says Natasha sent lal markab on Tabeezi’s order.

Daadi says she didn’t know Tabeezi can harm their family. Rehan says Tabeezi didn’t keep her blood promise made to Roshni, he will not spare her.

Roshni stops him and says she will free Aman at any cost, she wants whole family to live together till golden sun’s night and hugs family.

Tabeezi’s magical tree falls down with their unity. Tabeezi fumes seeing that and thinks she has to destroy Roshni’s family’s unity and checks in ilme

jinn. She finds a solution and looking at keys thinks good she stole it from lal jinn. She enters a cave opening its door and drags a coffin out. Roshni’s family senses it and hopes Tabeezi doesn’t create any problem again.

A Magical Love Story Thursday 21st October 2021:Roshni gets severe stomachache. Family gets concerned. Roshni says this is the pain similar to the one she got during her kidney operation. Ammi informs that Roshni donated her kidney to Parveen. Family says Roshni is not only kind hearted, but even sacrifices herself for family.

Saba asks why didn’t she inform them before when Aman blamed her. Roshni reminisces incident and says she didn’t want to hurt Aman. She rushes to bathroom and comes out smiling. Family asks what happened.

She shows them positive pregnancy test. Family rejoices seeing that. Shayari and Rehan enter. Family informs that Roshni and Aman are becoming parents again. They congratulate Roshni. Rehan gets angry on Roshni that if she had not spared Tabeezi and killed her, they wouldn’t have faced problems now.

Family asks if he is not happy with Roshni’s pregnancy news. He says he is and congratulates her. Shayari scolds him. On the other side, Tabeezi awakens 2 evils from coffins after saving them from hell’s fire.

A Magical Love Story Thursday 21st October 2021:Shayari checks her bag and tells Rehan that she is checking weapons to fight against Tabeezi. Rehan thanks her for supporting his family and protecting them. She asks what else. He flirts with her and asks her to meet him in lawn in 10 minutes. She gets happy hearing that.

Precap: Roshni tells Aman that their Aman became responsible as he is becoming elder brother. Aman from other side of mirror gets emotional.

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