A Magical Love Story Thursday 7th October 2021

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A Magical Love Story Thursday 7th October 2021 Roshni and Aman walk into dark room and search for Armaan and Tabeezi. They find Shayari and Rehaan laughing and ask where are Tabeezi and Armaan. Shayari says Tabeezi took Armaan away. Aman asks why are they laughing. They say Tabeezi spread laughing gas on them and has set a timer, before timer sands slip off they will die.

Tabeezi thinks Rehan and Shayari can stop laughing if they want and she will not tell them about it. Aman tells Roshni that they have to separate Rehan and Shayari first to stop their laugh. Roshni takes Shayari and Aman takes Rehaan. She tries to make Shayari angry asking her to remember how Rehan got engaged to her without her permission and how he was behind Natasha, etc. Shayari continues laughing and says she can’t.

A Magical Love Story Thursday 7th October 2021 Aman hits Rehan repeatedly and inflicts pain to stop his laughter. Rehan stops laughing writhing in pain and says he must have enjoyed hitting him. Aman says earlier not but now he feels like laughing. Roshni asks Shayari to try her best and control her laughing. Shayari stops. Aman says maybe because of Roshni and Shayari, he stopped laughing. Shayari asks Roshni if she informed Aman of her decision.

Roshni asks her to tell her decision first. Rehan with Aman walks in and says Tabeezi must have taken Armaan to her house. Tabbeezi emerges on the screen. Roshni pleads with her to return Arman. Shayari asks to return her angel’s heart first. Aman says Ayana’s are not selfish, but Tabeezi is selfish.

Tabeezi says she will change. Roshni says Armaan is also an ayana and an Ayana cannot kill another Ayana. Tabeezi says she knows and can get him killed by someone else. Roshni pleads not to do that. Tabeezi disappears asking her to return her angel’s heart then.

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They return home, and Roshni cries for Armaan while the family tries to console her. Aman says Tabeezi wants an angel’s heart in exchange for Armaan, Shayari and Rehan narrowly escaped death, he couldn’t protect Armaan, Roshni always supported his family, though couldn’t protect her properly. Roshni says he always protected her and he is the best husband.

Daadi says only Roshni can think like this and the angel’s heart is bright because of Roshni. Aman says they will get a small Roshni soon. Roshni asks how can he think it’s a girl. He says his instinct says. Roshni asks if he loves her so much. He says yes. She says then he has to let her go on golden sun’s night. Ammi says she cannot give angel’s heart to Tabeezi. Roshni says she has to save Arman. Daadi asks to think about the baby inside her.

She says she has already spoken to Shayari to take care of the baby, they cannot defeat Tabeezi and this is the only way. She asks Shayari if she will give birth to her baby via her womb. Shayari stands speechless. Roshni says if she doesn’t agree, she will find someone else; she wanted them all to support her decision, her decision will not change even if they don’t support her.

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Tabeezi thinks whatever she tries, they escape always somehow; though their weakness Arman is with her, they won’t get weak and Aman and Roshni pose risk for her, so before they can harm her, she has to do something. She has to change the time and call golden sun’s night today itself.

A Magical Love Story Thursday 7th October 2021 She looks at the last golden sun’s night’s golden dust and thinks it will help her bring golden sun’s night. She sprinkles dust on flowers and heating an iron rod holds it in her hand. Shen then looking at the sky calls the golden sun repeatedly. The golden sun emerges, and she laughs.

Precap: Tabeezi’s evil jinn kills Aman and his whole family.

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