A Magical Love Story Tuesday 5th October 2021

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A Magical Love Story Tuesday 5th September 2021 Roshni sadly tells Ammi that she made a blood promise to Tabeezi to protect her family, but Tabeezi got Aman trapped in the mirror and tried to kill her children. Ammi consoles her. In the mirror, protector jinn tells Aman if he had gone out instead of sending me jinn out, he would have been with his family.

Aman says he did what he had to and doesn’t regret it. Roshni tells Ammi that was very happy hearing Armaan’s news and pampered him so much. Ammi says even this time he would be very happy. Breakfast arrives for Roshni. Ammi says Aman is taking care of her even now via Armaan. She touches the mirror and feels Aman on the other side.

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Rehaan makes romantic arrangements in the garden for Shayari to propose to her and eagerly waits for her. Shayari also eagerly wait for time to pass. Rehaan practices to propose Shayari when he stands shocked seeing someone and gets kidnapped.

Shayari comes out and gets happy seeing arrangements, but then fumes not finding him and thinks he went to flirt with some other girl just one day after Natasha’s death. She then sees his wallet and wand on the ground and thinks he always carries his wand with him, so he must be in trouble.

A Magical Love Story Tuesday 5th September 2021 She rushes in and informs Roshni about the same. Ammi says Tabeezi must have done kidnapped Rehaan. Roshni with Shayari rushes to Tabeezi’s home and searches her. She consoles Shayari not to worry about Rehan. Shayari says he is her boss and she is concerned for him. Roshni goes in. Shayari sees a coffin, opens it, and gets sucked in.

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She calls Roshni for help, but before Roshni could pull her out, she gets sucked into the coffin world where she finds midget jinn who says she is not beautiful like Natasha, irking her. She sees Rehaan and relaxes. Rehaan and her nok jhok starts. A monster lady walks in and says she wanted to eat Rehaan and seeing Shayari also, her hunger increased.

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Aman tries hard to break the mirror but fails. Protector jinn suggests he change him a method as he cannot succeed repeating the same and should break the mirror with a hard material like Sifriti Heera/diamond.

A Magical Love Story Tuesday 5th September 2021 Aman thinks Roshni’s mother had given sifriti heera to her and it is in a cupboard somewhere. Maid opens the cupboard and drops heera box. Ammi walks there and without noticing heera prays god to help Roshni and Aman.

Precap: Aman warns Tabeezi to return Armaan. Tabeezi escapes with Armaan. Roshni gets worried.

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