A Magical Love Story Wednesday 20th October 2021

A Magical Love Story Saturday 10th October 2021
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A Magical Love Story Wednesday 20th October 2021:Roshni and family get tensed seeing an lal markab insect crawling towards them. Daadi throws ilme jinn book in front of insect, and it walks away.

Roshni thanks Aman and asks where lal markabs going. Rehan says returning to the one who sent them here.

Natasha sends her bird to spy on Junaid manzil and lal markab to harm Arman, but they return and attack her. Bird reaches Junaid Manzil and bursts.

A Magical Love Story Wednesday 20th October 2021:Sarah asks why did Natasha’s bird burst. Shayari informs that Natasha had sent lal markab and they killed her, so even her bird got destroyed; she is a jinn as Tabeezi’s warning that only a jinn can harm Armaan. Rehan says he is Natasha’s enemy, but why would she attack Arman instead of him. Shayari and his argument starts. Roshni asks them to stop their fight as she is worried about Aman.

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Shayari says Aman can be called back out of mirror if they throw Ilme jnn back in. Rehan throws book towards mirror, but it falls back. Roshni says they should use original mirror them. On the other side, Tabeezi holding mirror in her hand shrinks it thinking even Aman has to die with Roshni.

Roshni with Shayari and Rehan reaches library and searches mirror, but finds 2 mirrors instead and realizes its Tabeezi’s trick.

She tries throwing book in, but fails. Worried for Aman, she walks to Tabeezi and confronts her that she is ashamed to call herself as Tabeezi’s nephew, how can she harm family.

A Magical Love Story Wednesday 20th October 2021:Tabeezi says its her foolishness to think her a family member. Their argument starts, Tabeezi challenges that she will kill Roshni on golden sun’s night and get back her angel’s heart.

Roshni replies and says she doesn’t consider her as family any more and is her enemy now, she will kill her on golden sun’s night and free Aman. Once she leaves, Tabeezi thinks she will kill both Roshni and Aman.

Precap: Tabeezi gets tensed seeing in Ilme jinn Roshni standing in front of her grave.

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