A Magical Love Story Wednesday 8th December 2021

A Magical Love Story Saturday 10th October 2021
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Roshni said Chunmun Davis was strange, he weaved without wool and there was a web everywhere around. It’s safe to say anything, we can’t do anything until we find weaknesses, we have to make it happy so he helps us pass the first challenge.

Shayari and Rehan argue. He wants to release Jin to get the name Kaala Jinn. Rehan said no, we have dealt with Kaala Jinn, I don’t want another genie to trouble us.

Safely said we would scare Chunmun, so the truth came out, we would attack him with Zangemarmar, he was Jin, he would come in his real avatar.

Tabrizi said we had to start making zangemarmar balls. They make lots of balls. Sara said she didn’t know which insect bite me, I’ll tell Dadi.

He was surprised to see the net in his hand. He was caught by a net. He failed to shout to Dadi. Dadi says we will be connected with this BlutTooth, we will attack Chunmun with this Zangemanmar ball. Roshni dropped several zangemarmar balls in front of Chunmun.

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He stopped. Chunmun changed his direction and left. Rehan and Shayari fall, while the bottle falls into a distant place. They have an eye lock. Naa Jaane … Plays … He acted and stopped Rehan. He threw the fork and broke the bottle. Jinn said thank you for freeing me.

Shayari asked him to help them by telling Kaala Jinn’s name. Jin said it wasn’t easy to tell you his name, but still, I would help you. Natasha came and stabbed Jin. She disappeared. He remembered making a deal with Jin. Rehan and Shayari are surprised.

Salma slipped on the stairs and dropped Zangemanmar. He shouted and asked Roshni and was safe to come quickly. Everyone hurry.

Natasha attacked Rehan. Rehan defends. He said your magic would not work, I was with Kaala Jin, it was both, you have no way to escape, you better get out. Rehan said he was a Jin Shikari, how he became Jin. Shayari asked him to go and get engaged to him.

He said I would see it, I couldn’t be afraid of him. Shayari said if he was Jin, I Jin Shikari, see what I did.

Salma signed there. Everyone was surprised to see Chunmun on the web. Chunmun said you knew that I was a spider web. It’s safe saying we will find out how to kill Jin. Chunmun says you are the king of Jinnat, but you don’t have info about Jin, forget about my mind.

Tabreezi signed it. Sara was caught. Tabrizi said we had to find out the weaknesses, I hope to find out. He read about Majori Jinn. Makdi Jinn came and took the book. Tabrizi said you returned my book. Chunmun asked him to take it. Safe to do magic. She disappeared.

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Roshni asks what we will do now, how we will defeat it. Safe say we know the weakness of spiders. Tabreezi said you mean it would be the weakness of Jinn’s spider too. Safely said spiders cannot tolerate bright light. Roshni got an idea.

Natasha said I wanted to cage you Rehan, now I’m Ma Jin, I’ll kill you, Rehan. He saw Dupatta and Shayari attack. Rehan says we are outside the cave, your game is over. Natasha said the game wasn’t over. She disappeared.

Roshni threw his clip and put a bright light on Chunmun. Chunmun goes away. Safe to go miracle and fly some things in front of Chunmun. He didn’t see anything. Roshni said he was blind. Chunmun said I was blind, but not deaf. Safely said his blindness is not his weakness.

Tabrizi said he didn’t want us to know his weaknesses. Roshni said maybe Shayari knew. Dadi said Sara did not return, he did not reach E

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