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A Magical Love Story Saturday 10th October 2021
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A Magical Love Tuesday 15th September 2021 Roshni walked to safety and told him that he did not understand that his sword came with a gift from a girl and was then destroyed, that someone tried to hurt him and seized his strength. If it is safe to embrace it and he does not have strength, then Black Jin will not come here, they will live a peaceful life with him and their son Arman. They spend quality time together.

On the other hand, Tabrizi poured Jin Energy Jin into the red gin sword and made him the King of Jinn’s sword. Red Jin said he is now King Jin. Tabliji asked him to tell you where Jin Black hid Angel’s heart. Red Jin lied to get this sword and warned him not to kill him because he had a very strong weapon. He said he had one of his biggest weaknesses and threw a purple [ring water on him. She disappeared. He took a sword and thought even though he didn’t have an angel’s heart, he had this sword that would take him to his goal.

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Tabreezi returned home and thought Golden Moon Night came and he had to look for the heart of his angel to become an Ayana again. He cut his hand with the sword and asked him to take him to his angel’s heart. Roshni reached Tabreezi’s house and knocked on the door, found it open, and walked in calling him. He tried to call Tabeezi. The sword led Tabeezi to Roshni. Tabreezi realized that the heart of his angel was with Roshni and tried to stab him with a sword, but the roof broke and fell in Roshni. Roshni fell unconscious. Three Ayasas appeared and said they came to protect Roshni. Tabrizi said Roshni stole the heart of his angel.

Ayaan said they gave it to Roshni took it from Tabeezi when he went to kill Black Jin and turned it into a stone. Tabrizi said he needed his angel’s heart. Ayana’s said he couldn’t because he was selfish and Roshni didn’t. Tabreezi said he would prove that Roshni was also selfish at Moon Moon Night. Ayasas agreed and left. Tabreezi corrects the roof and builds Roshni. Roshni said the roof fell on him, something happened here. Tabreezi said nothing happened when he came when he called him and saw him unconscious. He asked Roshni to go home. Roshni sawdust on her clothes and thought the roof must have fallen to her.

Roshni returned home and told Reta and Shayari all incidents and said they saw this recent incident and this incident, he was sure something was wrong to happen, even the sword hurt him. Regaan and Shayari agree. They have a long chat and decide to find out what happened.

Natasha took Tabeezi to the monsters that spit monsters in the cage and the key gift to him. Tabreezi thanked him and took the key from an open box. Natasha warns to be careful. Monsters spat fire and they both fled. Shayari seeing Smiling’s behavior says happy to see a softer side. He said it depends on the opponent. Tabreezi comes out of the lockbox holding the car and falls.

Reagan tried to take it, but Tabreezi immediately took it and hid it in Dupatta. Shayari looked at Dupatta and asked why it was burning. Tabreezi lies when cooking and asks where they go. They say to find out the truth. Tabreezi asks them to be careful and to seek his help if needed.

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A Magical Love Tuesday 15th September 2021 Renewal Precap: Roshni told him safely that he saw wall-catching shots and some strange sounds, something wrong could happen.

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