A Magical Love Story Tuesday 21th September 2021

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A Magical Love  StoryTuesday 21th September 2021 Phupi told Daadi that Kachra Jin waste had to leave. Kachra Jin Safe in and ask who left, he won’t leave. They are afraid. Saima said they were afraid of him. He said he would make him ugly and he would be afraid of himself.

He made him ugly. On the other hand, Shayari discovered Imise Jinn’s book page and thought only Tabeezi could read and had it. He realized that Tabreezi was not what he portraited himself. Kachra Jinn continues to trouble Daadi and others and says he will make them all ugly. Roshni attacked them and made him fall out of the family.

He told him that he believed that someone’s beauty was not a problem and only natural problems. He said he lied. He said he didn’t lie. He said if he was not afraid of him. He said no. He said he would make him ugly, he would know how he felt. He said he could understand his condition. He said he would make him a family member that was left ugly and looked for them.

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Natasha walked to Shayari and with magic powder swapping her body with Shayari. He then binds and hides Shayari in a room and calls Again. Relaan walked to him. He said let’s go baby regaju. Theiraan asked not to imitate Natasha and mocked him, he did not like cheap Natasha. Natasha in Shayari’s body yawned to hear it. At home, Saima cried to see his ugly face. Kachra Jinn saw him and felt sad thinking why he was worried for him than more disturbing him. Roshni told Tabeezi that Kachra Jin became Saima and Ammi ugly.

Natasha in Shayari’s body entered and said they needed to send Kachra Jin back to Jin Jail. Tabreezi said Shayari right, Roshni had an angel’s heart and he could send Kachra Jin back to Jin Prison with orders. Roshni agreed and left. Natasha asked Tabeezi if he would send Kachra Jin to prison.

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Tabreezi said he would send him out of the world permanently and would force Roshni to approve orders. Roshni returned. Tabreezi Holding Orders asked Roshni to put the ayana seal on it. Roshni did. Tabreezi considers Roshni to agree to the command of the death of Khan Baba.

Kachra Jinn entered the arguman room and saw him smile at him instead of being afraid. Rohni entered and said the baby liked it. Kachra Jinn asks if he is ready to be ugly. Roshni insisted on changing Saima and Ammi returned to normal. Kachra Jinn did and asked if he was ready now. Natasha checks Shayari bag and finds food items in it.

He thought why he had garbage in his bag. Reian walked and thought why he considered food in garbage. The phone rang with Sheela Ki Jawani ringtone. Natasha said a cheap ringtone. Holiness said the ringtone and memorable incident recently realized that he was Natasha in Shayari’s body.

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