A New Life On Star Life Friday 8th April 2022

A New Life May Teasers 2022
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A New Life On Star Life Friday 8th April 2022 Teasers: The Episode begins with everybody asking Soni what occurred. Soni says I went in the party… . She cries. They ask what occurred there. Pritam says nothing occurred there, she was returning in an auto, that man was getting out of hand, perhaps he was plastered, don’t bother stressing, I came to on schedule. Kabir and Angad lash out. Pritam says I made him take off. Angad says Soni is protected. Guneet says its great that Pritam arrived at there on schedule.

Yet again nimmo expresses gratitude toward Pritam and says you saved us. Amrita inquires as to for what reason did you come, you might have called Angad. Soni says I got exhausted there and returned home. Dada ji requests that Amrita take Soni. Angad says thanks to Pritam. Pritam goes. Guneet says I would have rather not sent Soni. Dada ji says leave it, she returned securely. Pritam gets a call. He asks did you leave, did you get Biko. Monty says police got him. Nitin asks where did you go. Pritam says fail to remember it, I will call. He says the game got ruined on account of Soni, no, as a result of me, I lost those folks and that merchant, what was the need to save that young lady, this way I can do nothing, center.

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Soni sees the fresh insight about the police attack. She reviews Pritam. She says on the off chance that Pritam didn’t save me, then, at that point, I would have turned into a piece of this news, Guneet would have acted the hero me. Amrita comes and says Biji and Nimmo are in pressure, I made sense of them, for what reason are you so lost, did anything occur in the party. Soni says no. She requests that Amrita rest. Its morning, Kabir requests that Angad find a new line of work for him. Angad and Amrita chide Kabir. Angad says I won’t allow you to work in my office, Reema will not endure you.

A New Life On Star Life Friday 8th April 2022 Teasers: Guneet says Kabir will sit at the shop, prepare. Kabir says no. Nimmo admonishes him. Everybody requests that Kabir proceed to sit at the shop. Dada ji says Kabir is extremely capable. Guneet says you realize he is futile. Dada ji says he can steal from a bank. Angad giggles. Dada ji additionally chides Kabir. Amrita requests that Kabir join the work. Guneet expresses accompany me to the shop, join the work assuming that you get it.

Krishnakant hangs tight for Naveen. Naveen comes and says I was skipping breakfast for my eating regimen. Meera says stay blissful, everybody likes it. Krishnakant peruses the insight about rave party. Naveen stresses. He asks what’s rave party. Divya asks don’t you come. Naveen says no. Meera says your companion is gotten. Naveen contends. He asks do you think I m a medication fanatic. He irately leaves. Krishnakant says I will see him. Meera says perhaps he lashed out, we will converse with him later. Divya asks was he at the party the previous evening, he was so frightened when he returned home. Meera says she is correct, we ought to figure out where he went the previous evening. Krishnakant stresses.

Pritam washes his garments. He reviews his discussion with Vishaka. Pritam says Rahul is in injury, our detachment will hurt him, I will do as you say. Vishaka says case has arrived at the court. He says you recollect what the specialist said, we need to save Rahul from strain. She says I will grab him from you, since you love him, you have one shortcoming, Rahul, I will get back at you. He asks would you like to target him for your self image.

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She says I need to grab your satisfaction. He says I will see you in court. She says court upholds ladies, you will lose everything, Vishaka will win. FB closes. Pritam says I lost everything, I will not lose my Rahul. He lashes out on the garments. Soni comes and asks what are you doing, garments will get torn, I came to express profound gratitude, you saved me, family would be harmed. He says fail to remember it now. Amrita hears them.

Pritam says you were not among them, fail to remember it. Soni expresses profound gratitude, you are great. Pritam says I won’t say anybody, you likewise don’t say, your family will get stressed, avoid such companions, else you and your great family will get slandered. Soni returns the coat. Amrita looks on.

A New Life On Star Life Friday 8th April 2022 Teasers: Pritam sees Amrita first floor. He expresses out loud whatever did I do now, for what reason did she gaze at me. Soni grins and reviews Pritam’s words. She thinks about the issue and cries. Amrita comes and requests that she come clean. She says you were conversing with Pritam, let me know the matter, I won’t tell anybody, I feel strained. Soni tells everything. She asks Amrita not to tell anybody. Amrita stresses. She says Pritam dealt with everything, else… . She embraces Soni. Soni says I went to express on account of him. Amrita says don’t tell anybody, I m sure Pritam won’t tell anybody.

Pritam hammers a nail. He gets injured. Amrita does the guide to his hand. She asks him to avoid any work out of resentment, it will be his own misfortune.


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