A New Life Starlife Full Story, Plot Summary, Casts,Teasers

A New Life May Teasers 2022
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 A New Life Starlife Full Story, Plot Summary, Casts, Teasers


A New Life story will be founded on the existence of Amrita and Pritam who will have entirely unexpected lives however destiny will unite them. Amrita will be a pregnant widow who will battle to run home costs while Pritam will have criminal records. A New Life Starlife begins fourth April each Mon-Sun 6 pm.

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A New Life Full Story/Synopsis
The story opens with the working class Sakhujas who are grieving the unexpected death of their oldest child, Karan Sakhuja. Karan lost his life filling in as a wellbeing fighter and treating the COVID-19 impacted patients. Amrita, Karan’s pregnant widow conceals her trouble and attempts to ease up the temperament of her loved ones. Nonetheless, the Sakhujas misfortune continues forever with their only providers Guneet and Angad losing their type of revenue. To exacerbate the situation, Krishnakant Sehgal, the Sakhujas family companion who turned rich through his sanitizer business and had guaranteed his girl Meera’s hand for Angad, breaks the collusion as he feels the Sakhujas never again match his status.

While the Sakhujas are confronting a total misery both sincerely and monetarily, there enters Pritam Choudhary in their lives as their inhabitant. Pritam has a baffling personality spinning around the wrongdoing scene and is himself holding a dull and terrible past. At the point when Pritam consents to pay the colossal measure of lease which the Sakhujas request. The Sakhujas are excited and choose to keep him much to the disappointment of Amrita, who has met Pritam considerably before in numerous uncanny circumstances and emphatically feels that he isn’t the right inhabitant. Be that as it may, when Pritam saves Angad’s life, Amrita settles on keeping him as their occupant. At first, Pritam is continually messed with by the excessively mindful demeanor of the Sakhujas which generally cause obstruction with his work. In any case, over the long haul, he begins feeling for their hopeless circumstance and fosters a solid pity and regard for Amrita which continuously drives Pritam getting drawn in towards her.
Nonetheless, at that point Pritam’s past including his significant other, Vishaka and child, Rahul gets back to his life which is when Pritam Choudhary is uncovered to be a fearless IPS official. In spite of having confronted a ton of misfortunes throughout everyday life, Pritam never prevents himself from satisfying his obligations. With the assistance of his seniors he takes the personality of a medication vendor alongside his partners and companions Nitin and Monty to ensnare all the deceptive medication mafias. After the introduction of Ansh, when Pritam gets all the more genuinely associated with the Sakhuja family and supports a more grounded preferring for Amrita, he additionally will confront one of the slippery medication mafias, UD.
The series finished with Sakhujas’ Christmas festivity. Pritam dressed as Santa brings Karan’s remains for the Sakhujas, who at last played out his last customs.

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Brief Information and Details on A New Life Starlife.
Class: Drama
First Episode: fourth April 2022
Complete number of episodes:138
Complete quantities of the period: One
Channel: StarLife Africa
Network: Star Plus Tv
Unique name:
Tele Country: Indian
Last Episode: Nil
Time allotment: Monday – Sunday pm WAT, 6 pm CAT

Principle Casts, Real Names, and Picture of A New Life
Hasan Zaidi as IPS Pritam Choudhary – Sakhujas’ occupant; Vishakha’s ex; Rahul’s dad

Hasan Zaidi as IPS Pritam Choudhary
Esha Kansara as Amrita Chopra Sakhuja – Kuljeet and Saroj’s girl; Karan’s widow; Ansh’s mom

Hasan Zaidi as IPS Pritam Choudhary

Hasan Zaidi as IPS Pritam Choudhary

Esha Kansara as Amrita Chopra Sakhuja

Esha Kansara as Amrita Chopra Sakhuja

Esha Kansara as Amrita Chopra Sakhuja


Repeating Cast
Ankit Narang as Angad Sakhuja – Guneet and Nimrat’s subsequent child; Karan, Kabir and Sonia’s sibling; Meera’s previous life partner. (2021-2022)
Ishaan Dhawan as Kabir Sakhuja – Guneet and Nimrat’s most youthful child; Karan, Angad and Sonia’s more youthful sibling; Meera’s adoration interest. ·(2021-2022)
Cheshta Mehta as Meera Sehgal – Krishnakant and Meenakshi’s senior girl; Naveen and Divya’s sister; Angad’s previous life partner. (2021-2022)
Akansha Sareen as Vishaka Choudhary – Pritam’s ex; Rahul’s mom. (2021)
Hitesh Makhija as UD – A medication mafia. (2021)
Rohan Gandotra as Yuvraj Singh – A NRI. (2021)
Nakul Vaid as Dr. Karan Sakhuja – Guneet and Nimrat’s oldest child; Angad, Kabir and Sonia’s sibling; Amrita’s late spouse; Ansh’s dad. (2021) (Dead)
Cart Chawla as Sonia “Soni” Sakhuja – Guneet and Nimrat’s little girl; Karan, Angad and Kabir’s sister. (2021-2022)
Swati Shah as Nimrat “Nimmo” Sakhuja – Guneet’s significant other; Karan, Angad, Kabir and Sonia’s mom; Ansh’s grandma. (2021-2022)
Adarsh Gautam as Guneet Sakhuja – Sukhbir and Santosh’s child; Pammy’s sibling; Nimrat’s husaband; Karan, Angad, Kabir and Sonia’s dad; Ansh’s granddad. (2021-2022)
Sudhir Pandey as Sukhbir Sakhuja – Santosh’s significant other; Guneet and Pammy’s dad; Karan, Angad, Kabir and Sonia’s granddad; Ansh’s incredible granddad, (2021-2022)
Sulbha Arya as Santosh Sakhuja – Sukhbir’ spouse; Guneet and Pammy’s mom; Karan, Angad, Kabir and Soni’s grandma; Ansh’s incredible grandma. (2021-2022)
S. M. Zaheer as Mansoor Siddiqui – Sukbhir’s companion who sent Pritam as Sakhuja’s inhabitant. (2021)
Prashant Pundir as Senior Inspector Nitin Kumar – Pritam’s companion. (2021)
Raanveer Chahal as Senior Inspector Monty Singh – Pritam’s companion. (2021)
Mamta Verma as Saroj Chopra – Kuljeet’s better half; Amrita’s mom; Ansh’s grandma. (2021)
Pankaj Kalra as Kuljeet Chopra – Saroj’s better half; Amrita’s dad; Ansh’s granddad. (2021)
Shweta Gautam as Pammy Sakhuja Prasad – Sukhbir and Santosh’s girl; Guneet’s sister; Baljeet’s better half. (2021)
Rajeev Mehra as Baljeet Prasad – Pammy’s better half. (2021)
Kiran Karmarkar as Krishnakant Sehgal – Meenakshi’s better half; Meera, Naveen and Divya’s dad. (2021)
Shubhangi Latkar as Shabana “Aapa” – Meera, Naveen and Divya’s Aapa. (2021)
Kunal Singh Jerath as Naveen Sehgal – Krishnakant and Meenakshi’s child; Meera and Divya’s sibling. (2021)
Jinal Jain as Divya Sehgal – Krishnakant and Meenakshi’s more youthful girl; Meera and Naveen’s sister. (2021)
Preeti Mishra as Kamli Prashant – Sakhuja’s family aide. (2021)
S Ashraf Karim as Sethi – Owner of a promoting organization; Kabir and Meera’s chief. (2021)
Priya Rathore as Dolly Chaddha – Chaddha’s little girl; Kabir’s ex-sweetheart. (2021)
Gagan Gupta as Chaddha – Dolly’s dad; Sakhujas’ neighbor. (2021)
Abhishek Soni as Sunny – Kabir’s companion. (2021)
Daksh Sharma as Rony – Kabir’s companion. (2021)
Shivani Gosain as Tutu – Sakhujas’ neighbor who really likes Pritam. (2021)
Prachi Vaishnav as Jassi – Amrita’s sister, UD’s life partner. (2021)


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