A Touch Love Tuesday 14th December 2021

A Touch Of Love On GlowTv Monday 10th January 2022
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A Touch Love Tuesday 14th December 2021: The Episode starts with Poonam asking where did Thapki go. Thapki hides her face seeing the video reporters are taking. Vasundara says Dhruv is getting haldi on his face and Thapki is getting defame blackness on her face. Aditi and Poonam tell them that Thapki is nowhere and her phone is off. Dhruv says where can she go. Vasundra asks them to see. Dadi says they are worried, and why is she seeing tv in such time. She switches it off. Bau ji comes with Krishnakant and Varun. They ask is everything fine. Aditi says Thapki is not here. They all look for Thapki. Vasundara plays the tv and shows the raid news.

They see the prostitution racket raid and they show the live video of the hotel. Vasundara says I will off this. Dhruv says wait, its imp news. They all see the news. They all speak against those girls. Vasundara wishes that Thapki’s face is seen by them. Dhruv says such a big news, how did our channel miss this, where did Thapki go. The men ask the names of the people there. Thapki says let me go please.

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Vasundara sees Thapki’s clothes and thinks just her face should be seen once. She says no one will make such girls their bahu. Dadi says I won’t let such girl step in my house. Vasundara thinks she wants this. The inspector sends the girls. Kiran says Thapki is not on terrace, she is not in any room. Bihaan holds Thapki’s hand and pulls her inside the washroom. Thapki cries. The reporter says they will know the girls and their families soon. Vasundara thinks why did Thapki not shown in the video. Dhruv calls Thapki.

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A Touch Love Tuesday 14th December 2021: Bihaan brings Thapki out and asks where was she, is she mad, if he came late, she would land in jail. She starts crying. He says he has seen her coming here. FB shows Bihaan seeing Thapki and he thinks where is she going at this time, she should be at home for haldi rasam. He follows her. He asks why did she go to such bad place alone. She says I came for some work. He asks her not to cry, he knows she was confused, why did she come here, he does not like if anyone cries. She cries. He scolds her asking her to stop crying, and asks her to sit now. She sits on his bike and they leave.

Everyone wait for Thapki at home. Vasundara thinks why was Thapki not seen on tv. The ladies come for the haldi rasam. They ask where is Thapki. Bihaan comes and says she is here. They all look at Thapki. Dhruv asks her where did she go, all were worried. Thapki tries saying about hotel. Bihaan says she went to beauty parlor, she is new bride and has to look beautiful. She says no. He says she said no, I said I m going to same place, I will get her, as everyone was busy. Vasundara gets angry seeing them. Kiran says they will do rasam now. Bihaan does not let Thapki speak, and says she told me to inform everyone, I forgot. Dadi says we were so worried. Bihaan apologizes.

Thapki asks Bihaan why did he lie, she was saying the truth. He gets angry and she moves back. He walks to her and asks you think you will scold me for saving you. She says I m saying why did you not let me tell the truth. He says neighbor ladies were there, you think they will believe you, I have seen you so I believe, they won’t believe and spoil your name and our family respect too, I can lie to save my family respect, you also accept this if you want to save your family respect, go for haldi rasam. Vasundara sees this and fumes.

A Touch Love Tuesday 14th December 2021: Dadi asks Suman and Preeti not to mix much rose water in haldi. Dhruv calls staff and asks about the news, why did he not inform him. He says what, you called me, when, its okay, thanks. He checks the log and says maybe mum received the call. He says he will ask mum. Bihaan is angry on Thapki and says she is mum’s choice else… Paan comes with the list. Bihaan says it will have Aditi’s name. He signs no and shows the list. Bihaan sees Vasundara pandey in it and is shocked. He says fine, you go, don’t tell anyone. Paan says don’t worry, and leaves. Bihaan says its something big, but what.

Vasundara says Bihaan stopped my work, Thapki could have gone far from Dhruv if Bihaan did not save her. Dhruv comes to her and asks why did she do this. Bihaan comes there and asks her to tell the truth, there is no use to hide it, else he will tell the truth to Dhruv. She gets tensed.


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