A Touch Of Love On Glow tv Saturday 25th December 2021 Update

A Touch Of Love On Glow tv Wednesday 28th December 2021
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A Touch Of Love On Glow tv Saturday 25th December 2021: Thapki goes to Bihaan’s room where he is now present so she feels awkward. The entryway bangs because of the breeze so Bihaan goes to close it. Thapki tells he can rest on bed. Bihaan proceeds to rests on his bed. Then, at that point, he gives Thapki a bedsheet to rest. Bihaan explains for what reason is she seeming as though she will eat him. She says he is a creature not her. Thapki changes and rests on the floor. Bihaan gives her sweeping saying that she will awaken him in center of the evening. Bihaan additionally rests on the floor. He begins wheezing then asks Thapki that have you consumed the loop. He cannot endure smoke. Thapki advises him to let her rest. He then deburns it.Thapki couldn’t rest around evening time. In the first part of the day Thapki had a cerebral pain. Bauji is advising the workers to keep the house spotless as dengue fever is on. Bihaan believes that as mosquitoes have bit her she might get Dengue.

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Thapki needs a few vegetables Bihaan feels that as she cannot go out he goes yet misunderstands the vegetable.
Thapki is feeling week and fretful. Bihaan converses with himself that she won’t accompany him to specialist.
Badki and chutki are contending for a precious stone ring and badki is attempting the ring on. Chutki tells even she needs to attempt yet the ring doesn’t come out.

A Touch Of Love On Glow tv Saturday 25th December 2021: Druv’s mother calls them and she goes into the room. Badki is hinding her hand so she sees it. Druv’s mother proceeds to see she has put a wrap. Bihaan gets a specialist for an exam for the entire family and tells to call others like his sibling. He is believing that why nobody is calling Thapki. Dhruv’s mother says Thapki is resting.

A Touch Of Love On Glow tv Saturday 25th December 2021: Bihaan asks how is everybody. He inquires as to whether anybody has dengue how might we know. The specialist says that individual has serious cerebral pain and has high fever. Bihaan goes to Thapki and actually takes a look at her temperature . She gets up and asks Bihaan what are you doin he says that he was looking for his hanky.

Around evening time Bihaan consumes the loop and puts a tissue on his nose. Thapki sees this and grins.


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