A Touch Of Love On GlowTv Sunday 16th January 2022

A Touch of Love Teasers - May 2022
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A Touch Of Love On GlowTv Sunday 16th January 2022: The Episode begins with Bihaan tumbling down the bluff. Dhruv and Thapki yell Bihaan and hurry to the spot. Aman comes there with police and stops Dhruv. Dhruv says I will see Bihaan. They stop Bihaan. The police gets a body and brings it for recognizable proof. Dhruv and Thapki don’t distinguish the body. The monitor shows the possessions they found with the body. Thapki and Dhruv cry. She reviews its Bihaan’s watch. Dhruv says its Bihaan’s possessions. He sees the wallet with their family pic in it. He yells Bihaan… .. also cries. Thapki sits in shock.

Dhruv requests that Bihaan get up and yells. Bau ji searches for Bihaan at home and tracks down Paan. He requests that he say where is Bihaan and simply say truth. Paan says sorry to lie, yet Thapki ventured out from home being irritated, so Bihaan must get her covered. The monitor says Dhruv, we need to send body for posthumous. Dhruv says he is my sibling. Aman requests that he call home and illuminate everybody. Dhruv asks what will I say at home. Bau ji calls Bihaan and Dhruv answers the call. Dhruv converses with Bau ji and says Bihaan and Thapki are with her. Bau ji requests Thapki. Thapki converses with him and cries.

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Bau ji says Bihaan has destroyed your life, I will beat him and show him out of home, you return home. She says Bihaan… . Bau ji says let him bite the dust there, I couldn’t care less, you return. She says OK and gives telephone to Dhruv. Bau ji asks Dhruv for Bihaan. Dhruv says he isn’t here at this point. Bau ji asks what does he mean. Dhruv says I mean, he was here, he went, I will talk later and closes call. Bau ji lets Vasundara know that he feels something is off-base. She says relax, you will be fine.

A Touch Of Love On GlowTv Sunday 16th January 2022: Aman requests that Thapki finish her injuries dressing. She says I will go, you go with Dhruv. Aman gives his telephone as she might require it. Vasundara calls Dhruv and requests that he get back home with Bihaan and Thapki. He cries. Poonam tells Aditi that Thapki asked me not to welcome her family, as Bihaan will ruin the things, its little puja and we can do at home. Raghav calls Adiit and requests that she meet. She says we have Satyanarayana puja today and she will meet tomorrow. Diwakar says I will perceive how she does the puja.

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A Touch Of Love On GlowTv Sunday 16th January 2022: Thapki goes to emergency clinic for her dressing. She sees a few footmarks there. Dhruv gets back home harmed. Bau ji and Vasundara get stunned seeing him injured and get some information about Thapki and Bihaan. Dhruv says Thapki is fine, and Bihaan tumbled down the precipice. They get stunned. Paan meets Bihaan and gives his visa. Bihaan says whatever occurs, nobody should know I m alive. He says I need to see Thapki and Dhruv together, I have recognized love clearly for Thapki. He says he was thinking about Dadi’s words and chosen this progression to break my and Thapki’s connection, I need to disappear from their life for eternity. He says destiny upheld me, I tumbled down from precipice and got saved, that other man passed on, I have seen his face harmed and left my effects there. He says I can do anything for my sibling.

Paan says everybody realize you are dead, Bau ji is conceded in medical clinic by this shock, specialist said its extreme for him to get saved. Bihaan goes to emergency clinic to meet Bau ji. Thapki goes up against him. Bihaan says I did this to join you and Dhruv. She slaps him.


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