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A Touch Of Love On GlowTv Monday 10th January 2022
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A Touch Of Love Thursday 9th December 2021:The Episode starts with Vasundara asking Bihaan to run away and let her die. She takes a rod and he stops her, recalling about Bau ji and Vasundara’s words. Bihaan says he will marry for her sake, for his family’s sake. She cries happily. Thapki recalls Dhruv’s words and smiles. Bihaan takes the sehra from Dhruv and cries. Bau ji asks Kiran to call Dhruv. Kiran says mum said she will get Dhruv. Bau ji asks Sanjay and Ashwin to go and see Dhruv. Bihaan gets dresses in Dhruv’s clothes and wears sehra. They ask Dhruv to come.

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Bihaan goes with them. Aditi tells Thapki that Dhruv has come. Vasundara apologizes to Dhruv and says this was necessary to make Thapki’s name not linked with yours, I know you will be sad, but one day you will say mum did right, as I know your mum knows  the rioght things for you. She leaves him in the room in unconscious state and leaves.

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Everyone smile seeing the groom. Bihaan sits in the mandap. Aditi brings Thapki there. Dhruv recalls Thapki in his unconscious state and moves his fingers in reaction. The pandit asks Poonam to do tilak. Poonam goes to Bihaan and Vasundara stops her, saying we have ritual that groom’s face can’t be seen after sehra. The pandit asks Krishnakant to do kanyadaan. Bihaan and Thapki do the rituals. Dhruv recalls Thapki’s hand and his promise of not leaving her hand ever. He gets up and holds his head.

A Touch Of Love Thursday 9th December 2021:He says Thapki will be waiting for me in mandap. Dhruv recalls Bihaan beating on his head to stop him. Dhruv comes to the door and asks someone to open the door. The door is closed from outside. He calls out everyone asking them to help him, and bangs the door. The pandit tells about the marriage vows and the wedding rounds begin. Vasundara thinks she won’t let Thapki become hurdle for Dhruv’s life. Bihaan recalls Thapki’s words and feels sad.

A Touch Of Love Thursday 9th December 2021:The first round completes and pandit tells about second promise. Vasundara thinks she will not let accept Thapki in her family. The pandit tells about more rounds and Vasundara promises to do everything for Dhruv’s happiness. Dhruv pulls the door and it opens. Dhruv comes out. Bihaan recalls his words to Thapki. Dhruv holds his head and walks with difficulty. The rounds continue.

The pandit says this is final round now, and then you will be husband and wife. Dhruv is still walking in the corridor.


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