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A Touch Of Love On Glow tv Wednesday 28th December 2021
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A Touch Of Love Wednesday 29 December 2021:The Episode begins with Dadi saying she will get to eat great Chinese food today. Suman and Preeti contend. Vasundara sees them and advises Dadi to give precious stone ring to Thapki as nek. Suman and Preeti get stunned seeing the ring. Dadi says fine. Vasundara advises Suman and Preeti to carry Bihaan and Thapki closer to get the ring, else fail to remember it. She requests that they see Thapki is cooking and assuming they can bring Bihaan there. Suman and Preeti plan to get Bihaan and Thapki together.

Bihaan likes the shirt material given by Vasundara and gets Paan’s call. Preeti takes the fabric and leaves. Thapki begins cooking. Preeti comes there and keeps that fabric there. Thapki converses with her and utilizations that material. Dhruv reproves the young lady in office and requests that she toss nut strips in canister, and becomes irate. She is sorry.

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He says I m sorry, be cautious next time. Suman and Preeti enlighten Vasundara regarding keeping good cause things in vehicle. Bau ji, Dadi and Vasundara are going to sanctuary. Bihaan says I will go along. Vasundara says no, you stay here with Thapki, she is here to do cooking, you feed the cow. Suman and Preeti think to remain. They leave.
Raghav lets Aditi know that he has fixed camera here, and afterward they will show this recording to Nimmi, is she terrified. Aditi says don’t have the foggiest idea what will occur. Raghav says I will be close, relax. She grins. He goes. Bihaan gets some information about the material. Preeti says I don’t have the foggiest idea, ask Thapki. Thapki sees the diverse fabric to extricate paneer, and Bihaan comes there. He chides her and says mum gave me this. She says I don’t have a clue how it came here. He says you are delivering retribution, you are astute. She says I truly don’t have the foggiest idea. He ruins her dress by the paneer milk and requests that she make Chinese at this point. He leaves. She cries. She thinks to utilize cotton material to make paneer.

A Touch Of Love Wednesday 29 December 2021:Suman and Preeti discharge the LPG and furthermore cut microwave and acceptance wire, with the goal that Thapki can’t cook here. They intend to put fault on Bihaan. Aditi gets dressed as Kiara and might suspect to end Diwakar’s part today. Diwakar comes to meet her. He gifts her bouquet. Thapki changes dress and comes to cook. She makes paneer prepared. She sees the LPG over, and the sees the wires of microwave and enlistment cut. She sees the material there and says Bihaan… . She goes to reprimand Bihaan. Suman and Preeti get happy. Bihaan searches for the fabric and Thapki shows him the material. He asks did she make paneer by this. She says you conned me and wedded me, presently how could you do botch. He asks what.

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A Touch Of Love Wednesday 29 December 2021:She says you purged LPG, cut wires, you left this fabric there. She inquires as to for what reason did he do this. He inquires as to for what reason will I do this. She says with the goal that I don’t make Chinese and focuses finger at him. He chides her and asks what is her take, he is Bihaan Pandey, he didn’t do this, yet he is having a good time seeing this. He says it will be fun when your high nose cuts, presently Chinese will not be made and you will not be commended.

Suman and Preeti inconvenience Thapki. Thapki says she will make Chinese soon.


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