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Age Is Just A Number Teasers - July 2022
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Friday first July 2022

Meanwhile, Sahil, a rich youngster from a well off house, deceives his family about his post-graduate endorsement.

Saturday second July 2022


Vedika goes to the jewel vendor to sell her mother’s gold enhancements, just to comprehend that they are fake. As the diamond retailer owner faults her for abomination, Vedika leaves the shop crying.

Sunday third July 2022

Badi Amma announces that any person who sides with Sahil is her foe. Meanwhile, Sahil is endeavoring to convince Vedika to permit him to stay in her home for rent. Tragically, Vedika’s mother agrees.

Monday fourth July 2022

Panday creates an uproar locally about Vedika renting the space to a smaller guy Sahil. Ensuing to understanding that Anjana has been helping Sahil financially, Badi Amma decides to give the commitment of the house to Anjana.

Tuesday fifth July 2022

It’s troublesome in paradise for the Mathur family after Vedika sorts out reality with respect to Sahil’s deception and she is constrained to take an unprecedented action against him. Will Sahil admit all and fix his relationship with Vedika and will Vedika excuse Sahil?

Wednesday sixth July 2022

Vedika Mathur is painted to be a foe of progress and Sahil goes about as the legend and recuperates her from disgrace. Sahil is restless to convey his genuine feelings toward Vedika.

Thursday seventh July 2022

Bimla Agarwal is conspiring against Vedika Mathur. Expecting that Bimla’s plan is powerful Vedika will be passed on houseless yet not altogether firmly established to save Vedika from shame and save her home from being reduced her. Vedika dislikes Sahil for mixing in her endeavors.

Friday eighth July 2022

Bimla isn’t altogether firmly established to bring Sahil back home and she goes to her terrible enemy (Vedika Mathur) to demand her help. Sahil has one condition for Vedika accepting she keeps up with that he ought to get back to applaud his birthday with the Agarwal family. Will Vedika follow Sahil’s condition?

Saturday ninth July 2022

Bimla Agarwal creates with various women to humiliate Vedika during Sahil’s birthday festivity capability. Will Vedika Mathur storm out of the birthday celebration party or will she stay and endure through the shame?

Sunday tenth July 2022

Gautam has a marriage idea for Vedika Mathur and Vedika’s mother is stimulated that she will have a rich man as her youngster in guideline. Will Vedika Mathur recognize Gautam’s suggestion?

Monday eleventh July 2022

Vedika agrees to marry Gautam yet Sahil is restless to fight for Vedika and save her from committing the best blunder of her life. Gautam sees Sahil as a threat to his association with Vedika and he has plans of his own to take out Sahil from Vedika’s life.

Tuesday twelfth July 2022

Vedika’s young lady Arya has been gotten by dark normal people and Sahil is ready to imperil his life to save Arya and rejoin her with her mother. Gautam believes Arya’s snatching to be an astounding opportunity to win Vedika’s trust resulting to saving Arya.

Wednesday thirteenth July 2022

Vedika’s wedding is reserved to be in four days. Sahil is squashed and he will recognize defeat, Maya keeps up with that Vedika ought to fight for Sahil and their extraordinary love. How long will Sahil stay away from his revered Vedika Mathur?

Thursday fourteenth July 2022

Puneesh enlightens Gautam and Vedika that he keeps up with that their wedding ought to be held at the Agarwal house. Vedika is upset about the game-plan since there’s a hostility among her and the Agarwal family, including his loved Sahil.

Friday fifteenth July 2022

Vedika endeavors to drop the wedding yet Gautam isn’t willing to recognize that Vedika isn’t enchanted with him. Gautam does whatever it may take to kill Arya accepting Vedika drops the wedding, Sahil is pursued by Guatam’s law breakers and he is seriously hurt. Will Sahil get through the injuries and keep the wedding from proceeding?

Saturday sixteenth July 2022

Gautam is caught for doing whatever it may take to kill Arya and for holding onto his better half and youngster. Sahil enlightens his loved Aunt Bimla that he will marry Vedika Mathur, Bimla coerces Sahil in an effect on keep him from wedding Vedika.

Sunday seventeenth July 2022

Aunt Bimla and Puneesh are accomplices and invent to get Vedika Mathar ended from her appearance position and threw in the slammer for bad behavior she didn’t execute. Will Bimla and Puneesh win in their undertakings?

Monday eighteenth July 2022

Sahil, a rich youthful individual, turns out to be tragically fascinated with Vedika, a more settled woman who at first weirdos his advances anyway feel conflicted after she turns out to be more familiar with him better.

Tuesday nineteenth July 2022

Vedika finds Puneesh’s shameful little goody that could crush his life and uncover him as a distortion before society. Vedika has a choice to make, it is conceivable that she revealed Puneesh’s secret which could hurt a legitimate young woman meanwhile, or just let Puneesh free.

Wednesday twentieth July 2022

Sahil concedes his undying reverence for Vedika while endeavoring to save her from humiliation from the false implications. Will Vedika be vindicated of the false criminal charges?

Thursday 21st July 2022

Sahil opens up to the world about the information that will shield Vedika yet Puneesh has made plans that will make Vedika leave Kampar for good. Will Sahil re-join his dearest Vedika Mathur?

Friday 22nd July 2022

Gautam catches Sahil and the Agarwal family is partner Vedika with the stealing. Puneesh initiates hooligans to badger Vedika Mathur. Will Gautam kill Sahil?

Saturday 23rd July 2022

Vedika Mathur moves away from police care and seeks after Sahil’s kidnapers. Will Vedika save Sahil or will she kick the pail endeavoring?

Sunday 24th July 2022

Sahil proposes to Vedika Mathur and she says OK yet Bimla Agarwal isn’t willing to recognize Vedika as her planned young lady in guideline. How might Bimla keep the wedding from happening?

Monday 25th July 2022

Vedika Mathur fools Sahil into getting hitched to someone else under the gesture that he is wedding her. How might Sahil answer when he sorts out that Vedika deceived him?

Tuesday 26th July 2022

Resulting to being tricked into getting hitched to Nidhi, Sahil isn’t willing to recognize Nidhi as his soul mate and implies Vedika as his life partner in light of everything.

Wednesday 27th July 2022

Sahil asserts half of Vedika’s home ensuing to acquiring house shares from his brother in law. Bimla powers Sahil to dwell with Nidhi under one housetop at the Mathur family. Will Sahil agree to stay in a comparative live with Nidhi?

Thursday 28th July 2022

Sahil participates in a dance challenge with Vedika and the Agarwal family detests Sahil and is putting forth a valiant effort to keep them from participating in the resistance.

Friday 29th July 2022

Sahil helps Vedika with getting a preparation position from home resulting to convincing the gatekeepers to take their kids to Vedika for self-educating, be that as it may, the Agarwal family is exploring each chance in their work to make Vedika get through fiscally. Puneesh is creating a plan that will leave Vedika poor.

Saturday 30th July 2022

Sahil is faulted for endeavoring to kill Nidhi by pushing her down the means and as of now he is being examined, Vedika will research each likelihood to save Sahil from a prison sentence.

Sunday 31st July 2022

Nidhi’s mother gives Sahil a last proposal to follow for Nidhi to drop charges leaned against him. Vedika goes to the edges of the world in her undertakings to save Sahil from a prison sentence.

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