An Unusual tale Monday 13th September 2021 Update

An Unusual tale Monday 13th September 2021 Update
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The episode began on An Unusual tale Monday 13th September 2021 Update with Shobha coming to meet Vikram. He likes to see it alright. He asked him to advise him to accept Samarth. He said because we faced each other today, I wanted to tell you something. He said I wanted to hear it, say it, sir. He walked to him and held his hand. He signed no.

He said Shobha, how much I know until now, I know whatever you do, it’s from your heart and honesty. He said I thought of Samarth, I felt what you saw him that you really love him, and his love is selfless, even I like this, untouched and see the happiness of others, and find our happiness, and then I change and hate. Everyone who loves, then I meet you, and after meeting you, I know nothing is good than love in this world. He held his face and said Shobha, I didn’t know why Samarth returned, but I knew one thing, that he never deserved you and still didn’t.

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He wiped his tears. He remembers Usha’s words that say Vikram loves you, testing his love, ask him whether you have to go back to Samarth, if he stops you, please see love in his eyes and see the intensity. He cried to see Vikram. He said no matter what I was thinking about, it was about Jia’s happiness and REYAAN, I met Jia and she loved her father, and wanted her parents.

He said I promised you to find you, and you know the kids were very happy with Samarth, they had accepted it, I felt they had to give one chance to Samarth. Shobha smiled and took it back. Vikram said I’m sorry, I forgot to say one thing, the oil you gave to apply for my hair, give it once more, and you don’t thank me. He hugged him, and they both cried.

He said thank you, sir. Music played …………. he said I knew you asked me not to thank you, I had thanked me, because no one did this for me, and did not take care of me, the way you came in my life, I always tell God that I thank you because it is blessed, that you come in my life. Vikram cried and turned to him who smiled.

He said you are right, this is not about me and Samarth, it’s about the future of children, they need their father. He said I had to leave now, Samarth would wait. He said of course. He said we had to talk a lot. He said you and Samarth, have become ‘us’ again. He said Shobha, last time … and opened his arm. He hugged him and they cried. Ajeeb didasaan hi yeh ……………… rotate …………… ..

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He said the best. He said cleaning your tears. He said the right decision for children, I will leave. Bikhaar style to tut kar ………… Rotary ……… he left. Vikram cries. Samarth said Shobha did not come. Sarika said I’m sure she will go to Vikram’s house. Sharda asks why. Sarika said as they had …. Shobha came home. Sharda said we were very worried and hugged him. Sarika thought she did drama and returned. He asked where he left, Samarth went to the police station to find you. Samarth said if you had a problem with me, I would leave, I knew it was difficult for you. He said everything to be problematic because of me.

Nani asked Vikram what happened, Shobha had come. Vikram said he came to meet me. Nani was happy and asked if he said his feelings. Upset Vikram. Nani said I knew you two were made with each other, congratulations. Vikram reminded his words that fate did not give anyone other than his writing and before time, I thought you had to congratulate Shobha, he came to seek my advice and I told him that I thought right, I told him to give Samarth’s opportunity and He is his marriage.

Nani said what, why did you say this. He said it was right for him and his children. He asked why he did this. He said I had seen Jia’s tears, he wanted his mother and father. Nani says you know you can be their better father and they love you a lot, even then you do this. Vikram said they loved Samarth more than me, they needed it more than me. He said my little sacrifice could give them happiness, if they could unite, then why not.

Nani said it was wrong, you two loved each other and went would damage everyone. Repeat

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