An Unusual tale Sunday 12th September 2021 Update

An Unusual tale Monday 13th September 2021 Update
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In unusual stories, Sunday 12 September 2021, Shobha Usha’s meeting and asked for his opinion about Samarth. He said Sharda, Sarika, and Garima were Samarth’s family, and they could not give me true advice. Usha asks her not to do anything, and only, takes time.

Shobha said I did not have time, Samarth was at home, he had surprised us on my birthday, he bonded with children and asked me to reply, I could not with him even for a day, give advice.

Usha says you won’t like it if I tell you anything, I feel you have to reject Samarth because you have rejected you, what he thinks, he will leave you and have a business, and again say, thank me, I’m embarrassed, and do drama at home, and expect the same life, it’s not a joke like he has hurt your heart, he also has to hurt him, don’t accept it, he must be aware of his mistake. Shobha cries. Usha said I felt you had to marry Vikram now. Shobha was surprised.

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Usha says you have to marry men who have supported you always, not the man you have hurt. Shobha asked crazy, how Vikram came in between, we talked about me and Samarth.

Usha says we can see Vikram some of them, you always deny things, I take problems where they should go, learn to stand alone and live your life, you want my advice and I say it, you do what you feel right. Shobha says you know none of me and Vikram, you think we have an affair, Samarth has done business, not me, I haven’t created my family. Usha said I didn’t mean this.

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Shobha said you insulted me. Usha says calm, believe me, I’m your friend and want your kindness, I’m not mistaken, I say many women get true love in their second relationship.

Shobha said shut up. Usha says alright, go, but you have to accept this, the world can see that Vikram fall in love with you, why can’t you see this, say the truth, do you not realize that Vikram loves you, open eyes and think, in the world Where do you go, I have no friends who support me all the time, and who thinks my family is his property and takes every decision by asking me. The man fell in love with you, he had ended his relationship with his best friend for you, he loved you very much. Shobha was stunned.

Ketan talks with Vikram and says I don’t know about Samarth guarantee, I’m not a lawyer now. Vikram said I found Shobha. Ketan said I did not like Sarika, he had negativity, I felt what happened, he was behind him, whether he tried to …. Vikram asked if he was a lawyer or detective, smart Sarika and he could not do it this with Shobha.

Ketan says Sarika wants you and you want Shobha, so Shobha is her obstacle and she tried to drive it out. Vikram said we had to think about where to get Shobha, not seen from all corners. Ketan says thinking about this later. Vikram said coming, I will drop you.

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An unusual story, Sunday 12 September 2021 Update: Shobha said no, he did not try to tell me anything. Usha says do you think she doesn’t try, sometimes the act of telling our feelings, the way she treats your children, the way she supports you, don’t you think this, she is an adult and knows about your divorce, she gives you space. And it didn’t tell you that he loved you, I felt this for 6 months, and reminded him when he came to meet him and Vikram was there with a file.

FB shows Shobha giving money to rent a flat and is grateful to him. Usha saw Vikram see Shobha. He said he had love in his eyes for you, the day when you went to prison, he had solved a legal problem and gave a statement in prison, was there a colleague to do this, and when the children instill Jia at school, he helped him, what could He did to prove he loved you.

He said he did this because he was a very good man. Usha said yes, she loves you, don’t be stupid to accept Samarth, don’t let Vikram go, he will make you happy and even your children. He said your marriage with Samarth would be C

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