An Unusual tale Tuesday 14th September 2021 Update

An Unusual tale Monday 13th September 2021 Update
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The episode began An Unusual tale Tuesday 14th September 2021 Update on with Shobha asking Samarth not to leave home. He said I gave you a chance just for the sake of children, I begged you not to give me divorce for children, and today it’s only for them because they can’t live without you. Sarika smiled. Samarth became happy with this decision. Shobha cried in her room. Ryan came and hugged him, asked him not to cry, and didn’t go anywhere, because he couldn’t live without it.

He said he was scared. He said you won’t live without me and hugged him. Sharda comes and sends REYAAN. He said I was happy when you made a decision for the family, I knew it was very difficult for you, but I knew you would overcome this problem, I was proud of you, his best decision for children. Shobha said the family first. Sarika gave sweets to Samarth and talked to him. He said I saw happiness in your eyes, what are your benefits in this matter.

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Sarika thinks you know it, manipulation is in our blood, you are my older brother, no one can understand my game. Sarika tells her sad story about losing Abhay, and she doesn’t tell her feelings and pain to anyone, now she returns here and lives back on track, I’m glad you’re back here. Shobha took care of us, she deserves happiness.

He asked if he thought Shobha would accept it, why he said Shobha would be at Vikram’s place. He said so like that when he worked there and he was his friend. He asked how he got a guarantee. He said I was Samarth Sachdev and it was enough. He said let me tell me. He asks what you will know. He said alright, some mysteries needed, go and spend quality time with my wife and children, you are back for them.

He said their love made me come back here, it’s too late, sleep. He goes. He smiled and thought something was great so he was hiding about his guarantee, I had to find out. Samarth came to the room and saw Shobha seeing their photos.

He said we were the same, and the same photo, so much happened and everything was the same. He said it was the same and nothing was the same. He said he would help him and say his habit. He asked how he would make their relationship alright and remember his affair. He remembers his words about his business. He said Jia and Reyaan were outside, I would sleep with them. He goes. He said Shobha accepted me, not a heart, what is the reason, only children or something else?

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He came to children and slept. Ajeeb didasaan hi yeh ……………… play …………… Sarika saw this and hoped their relationship was fine only because the Vikram chapter ends. The next morning, Shobha made the children ready.

Ryan asked about Vikram. He said it was stopped now. Samarath came and stopped Refaan. Ryan said Jia was also there, I will go to Vikram. Samarth asked Sarika what happened. Sarika said Vikram was their default father, he grabbed everywhere with children, strangely, he had a special bond with them, I hope you are back now and everything will be fine. Sarika asked Shobha about her sleeping in a children’s room. Shobha asked him to cook and leave.

Sarika said she rejected my question with love, don’t worry, I and my question won’t leave it. Ryan came to Vikram and said his sports day. Vikram said Jia went to school. Nani asked him to say his father to make him ready.

Ryan said but my father wasn’t like Vikram. He said yes, he wasn’t great like Vikram, we knew it, but who would explain to Vikram. Vikram said we had to leave now and tie the rope. Rial hugs and kisses it. Ryan says it to make everything alright, you are our Superman and only you can do this.

Vikram said I could do anything to smile on your face. He asked Nani to relax and go with Ryan. Shobha sees Vikram with Reyaan. He greeted him. He asked why he came. He said you didn’t say this before, can’t I come to see children. Ranyaan goes to school. Sarika came and saw them together. He heard the signing of Shobha in s

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