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Anupama Teasers August 2022
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Friday first July 2022

Anupama makes an endeavor to stop Kinjal from leaving the home; though Leela attacks Rakhi, Kavya attempts to accommodate issues among her and Vanraj. Kinjal is exasperated with Rakhi’s extremist thought and insults. Though Vanraj’s answers confound Kavya, Anupama guarantees her of not taking Vanraj from her.

Saturday second July 2022

Paritosh reprimands Pakhi after she embarrasses Kinjal; Kavya shows up on the Shahs leaving the family frightened. Kavya strikes near Vanraj’s home, which leaves the family stunned. While Anupama gives Kinjal a few suggestions, Kavya demands one thing indispensable from Vanraj.

Sunday third July 2022

Vanraj recollects affectionate memories from the past with Anupama as he starts appreciating her. Afterward, not entirely settled to organize a specific event for Makar Sankranti. Kavya will get envious when Vanraj takes off to fly kites along with his family for Sankranti. Afterward, Samar and Nandini invest energy though the Shahs are aggregate.

Monday fourth July 2022

Vanraj recalls affectionate memories from the past with Anupama as he starts appreciating her. Afterward, not entirely set in stone to organize a specific event for Makar Sankranti. Vanraj apologizes for his bad behaviors and proposes to Anupama, Rakhi carries a pleasant shock to the Shahs once they experience an amazing situation.

Tuesday fifth July 2022

While Rakhi causes a situation with a couple of washers, Vanraj stands firm for Anupama. Vanraj chooses to concede his profound feelings for Anupama. While Kavya meets Anirudh, Samar’s amazing disclosure leaves Nandini befuddled.

Wednesday 6th July 2022

Kavya illuminates Vanraj relating her decision in regards to her relationship with Anirudh; while Anupama declines Vanraj’s proposition, Samar attempts to conciliate Nandini. Anupama and Kinjal notice Vanraj and Kavya sharing a heartfelt second. Afterward, the Shahs are dumbfounded when Vanraj makes a shocking declaration.

Thursday seventh July 2022

Defaced by Vanraj’s expressions, Anupama chooses to complete issues when and for all and data for separate; Vanraj is in for a shock. No matter what Leela’s protest, Anupama stands her floor on separating from Vanraj. Though Pakhi takes an astounding decision, Samar does one thing astounding.

Friday eighth July 2022

A family quarrel follows after Paritosh questions Anupama’s decision to separate from Vanraj; Vanraj and Pakhi make some intense memories acclimating to Kavya’s home. Vanraj flies off the handle subsequent to getting an end letter at his particular employment. Somewhere else, Anupama gets some pleasant data from Samar.

Saturday 10th July 2022

Kinjal and Paritosh get into a contention about Rakhi giving a task to him. While Kinjal is picked for a task, Vanraj loses his temperament along with his chief. Vanraj faces a colossal mishap while Kinjal will find picked for a line of work; the family gets a stunner when Kavya drops a genuine bomb.

Sunday 10th July 2022

No matter what Leela’s requests, Kinjal will not disappear from the gig; while Paritosh makes a frightening disclosure, Kavya puts forward an astounding issue sooner than Anupama. While Anupama consents to go with Kinjal on her most memorable day at work, Dholakia brings Vanraj to the work environment; Anupama is left awestruck by her initially go-to.

Monday 11th July 2022

In the work environment, Vanraj observes an amazing sight; while Kavya blames Anupama for contriving contrary to Vanraj, Samar shocks Nandini with a present. Kavya attempts to prompt Vanraj contrary to Anupama; while she calls the legal counselor to her place, Vanraj won’t concede Anupama a separation.

Tuesday twelfth July 2022

Anupama shows deal with Sweety, but the last option disregards her. Afterward, Vanraj presents a separation disclosure to Anupama refering to a ridiculous statement contrary to her. Stress starts to create at Anupama’s home as people start favoring one side and the individual feels defenseless inside the situation. Afterward, Samar causes a commotion at Kavya’s home.

Wednesday thirteenth July 2022

The police show up on the Shahs to capture Samar while an enraged Anupama attacks Kavya; Anupama compromises Vanraj and Kavya. Kavya takes again the complaint while Anupama gives her a harsh admonition. Afterward, Pakhi admonishes Kavya for remarking on Anupama.

Thursday fourteenth July 2022

Anupama is stunned to see a hearth in her homeroom; in the wake of saving the existence of her undergrads, she falls oblivious. Leela will get close to home to see Anupama return house securely, and Vanraj cautions his dad. Somewhere else, the chief presents a precarious option in the entry of Anupama.

Friday fifteenth July 2022

Anupama will get profound when Leela assumes control over her obligations and requests that she unwind. No matter what the strain from Vanraj and Pakhi, Anupama chooses to battle reality. Vanraj moves Anupama contrary to having her way while she attempts to collect verification in support of herself; Pakhi feels content with Anupama.

Saturday sixteenth July 2022

Anupama safeguards herself after the school organization stands up to her. Afterward, she returns house bearing some phenomenal news. Vanraj prevents Kavya from slapping Pakhi; though he compliments Anupama for her prosperity, Kavya makes an astonishing issue with Pakhi’s arrangement.

Sunday seventeenth July 2022

Vanraj declines Kavya’s solicitation, and Paritosh imparts his distresses to Kinjal. Afterward, Anupama remains on her floor all through the separation guiding. While Vanraj apologizes to Anupama for the past, Leela plans to have some good times on Vanraj’s birthday; Kavya puts forward a surprising solicitation sooner than Vanraj.

Monday eighteenth July 2022

Kavya genuinely extorts Vanraj to spend his birthday along with her and disregard the rest of his family. Regardless, Leela’s innocuous solicitation places Vanraj in a grave predicament. Vanraj comes house to search out Pakhi lacking and faults Kavya’s lead for a comparative; Pakhi comes house to Anupama and separates.

Tuesday nineteenth July 2022

Subsequent to learning about Vanraj’s birthday plans with Kavya, Leela will blow up. Afterward, Vanraj alterations his arrangements to satisfy Leela though Kavya shows up house. Kavya faces Vanraj’s unforgiving showdown for showing up at the party; though Leela develops maddened, Anupama’s question leaves Vanraj in a precarious spot.

Wednesday 20th July 2022

Anupamaa communicates her need to relinquish the past and type a fresh out of the plastic new kinship with Vanraj. Somewhere else, Kavya uncovers her detestable arrangement to unleash destruction in Anupamaa’s life. Anupama displays her abilities to move at Leela’s solicitation during the social gathering. Afterward, Kavya erroneously blames Pakhi for offending her and Vanraj trusts her.

Thursday twenty-first July 2022

Anupama takes Pakhi’s perspective when Vanraj attacks Pakhi for her lead. Afterward, Anupama gives a lump of her viewpoints to Pakhi. All through the festivals, Anupama finds a letter left by Pakhi. Afterward, the Shahs are broken as Pakhi goes lacking!

Friday twenty-second July 2022

While Anupama and Vanraj save Pakhi from an unsafe situation, Rakhi reproaches Kavya for her harsh lead. Afterward, Vanraj apologizes to Pakhi. Leela sees Anupama and Vanraj communicating their feelings to each other. Afterward, Anupama is in tears as Leela blames her for being a foul mother.

Saturday twenty-third July 2022

Vanraj and Anupama endeavor to convince Pakhi to go to a clinician. Though Samar’s return leaves Anupama close to home, Paritosh transforms into troubled for Pakhi. While Samar makes Nandini desirous, Kavya and Anirudh continue with their separation. Afterward, Anupama and Vanraj invest great energy with the family.

Sunday twenty-fourth July 2022

Samar plans a shock for Nandini while Vanraj and Anupama draw closer to each other. Afterward, Nandini communicates her actual feelings for Samar. Samar proposes to Nandini. Stunned, Vanraj flies off the handle. Afterward, Anupama attempts to convince Vanraj about Samar and Nandini’s relationship.



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