Anupama on starlife May 2022 Teasers

Anupama On Starlife Monday 2nd May 2022 update
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Anupama on starlife May 2022 Teasers: Kavya and Vanraj’s undertaking is not any more confidential to a portion of his family, Anupama chooses to carry on with life-based on her conditions after figuring out reality. in any case, Kavya maintains that Vanraj should wed her. Peruse Anupama on star life May 2022 Teasers

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Anupama on Star life May 2022 Teasers

Sunday first May 2022

Rakhi advances a condition for Paritosh and Kinjal’s wedding; while Samar observes cigarettes in Pakhi’s school sack, Paritosh encounters a fit of anxiety. An enraged Paritosh goes out after Vanraj censures him Later, Samar separates while Anupamaa attempts to stop her child.

Monday second May 2022

Kinjal’s mom gives Paritosh a grave final offer while a heartbroken Vanraj ponders his choice. Afterward, Paritosh battles to adjust to the propensities for his new home. Anupamaa is concerned following a bad dream about Paritosh’s demise. Afterward, Samar stands up to Pakhi about the cigarettes found in her sack.

Tuesday third May 2022
An enraged Vanraj neglects all binds with Paritosh subsequent to finding out about the final proposal he promptly acknowledged; Anupama volunteers to bring Paritosh back home. Vanraj has a passionate breakdown while Anupamaa figures out how to get Paritosh back home. Afterward, Vanraj orders Paritosh and Anupamaa to take off from the house.

Wednesday fourth || Anupama on starlife May 2022 Teasers
Vanraj and Kavya are stunned to discover that Sanjay knows their mystery; while Leela creates problems for Pakhi, Vanraj fears the most terrible after arriving at home. Vanraj returns irate when Pakhi talks once again to him. Afterward, he gets incredibly awkward when Sanjay pays the family an unforeseen visit.

Thursday fifth May 2022
Vanraj attempts to fix things up with Pakhi however winds up ruining things with Paritosh all things considered; he then faults Anupamaa for everything. Troubled by Anupama’s way of behaving, Kavya lets Vanraj know that they ought to head out in different directions; Anupama is frozen when Paritosh disappears.

Friday sixth May 2022

An alcoholic Paritosh causes a situation, offending everybody; angry at his misconduct, Anupamaa slaps him before the family. An angry Vanraj learns reality as Leela describes the stunning episode; Anupamaa discovers a few unusual pills in Paritosh’s pocket.

Saturday seventh May 2022
Vanraj is crushed on finding out about the resting pills from Anupama; while Anirudh carries out his arrangement, Anupama responds to Vanraj’s difficult call. Anupamaa is elated upon at last having an opportunity to meet Rakhi; while Paritosh gives Anupamaa an illustration on behaviors, Vanraj and Anirudh get into a fight.

Sunday eighth May 2022

Rakhi starts the discussion by subverting Anupama while Kinjal visits Paritosh’s home; Rakhi is left shaken to her center by Anupama’s assertion. Kavya overflows with rage when Vanraj acclaims Anupamaa for her accomplishment. While Kinjal becomes happy, Paritosh anxiously anticipates Anupamaa’s return.

Monday ninth May 2022
Kavya chooses to expel Anupamaa and have her spot subsequent to seeing the family cheer together; Vanraj and Kavya are stunned when Anirudh reveals confidential. Everything going on at the Shah family nearly turns brutal while Samar gets some dampening news from Nandini; Anupamaa converses with Vanraj and Kavya.

Tuesday tenth May 2022
Anupamaa is happy with the unexpected change in Vanraj’s way of behaving; Vanraj is shocked when Rakhi asks about Kavya. Rakhi raises Kavya’s name during the discussions, making Vanraj anxious. Afterward, Rakhi makes an upsetting interest.

Wednesday eleventh || Anupama on starlife May 2022 Teasers
After Vanraj rejects her thought, Anupamaa develops befuddled about Rakhi’s desire; Dolly’s talk with Leela gives Anupamaa a thought. Anupamaa’s family is left shocked by Vanraj’s changed attitude; Anupamaa decides to get the wedding band.

Thursday twelfth May 2022
Anupama’s euphoria comes crashing down when Rakhi uncovers reality to the family; while Leela gets insulted by Anupama’s articulation, Vanraj is irate. Leela embarrasses Anupamaa while Kavya develops possessive about Vanraj; Kavya’s intense demonstration leaves everybody shook.

Friday thirteenth May 2022
Anupamaa attempts to persuade Leela as she doesn’t maintain that Kavya should remain in the house; while Vanraj and Kavya share a close second, Anupamaa goes into the room. Sanjay gets stunned to see Kavya at her home; as Vanraj and Kavya meet at her place, Anirudh snaps a photo of them together and coerces Vanraj.

Saturday fourteenth May 2022
Vanraj keeps on putting on an honest face while Anirudh chooses to give everything away; Anupamaa’s family is left stunned by an instant message. Anupama is puzzled after Vanraj flies off the handle at her while Sanjay runs over a troubling sight; the Shahs invite an exceptional visitor home.

Sunday fifteenth May 2022
A desirous Kavya breaks every one of her limits to demonstrate her right on Vanraj; Anupamaa remedies Kamini’s discourteous way of behaving. Kinjal and Paritosh’s Aashirwad service begins cheerful; while everybody is stunned to realize the ring missing from the container, Rakhi causes a situation.

Monday sixteenth May 2022
Anupama reproaches Kamini when she shoots a few sharp charges at Jhilmil; while Kavya’s way of behaving infuriates Vanraj, Anupama executes a shrewd arrangement. Anupamaa prevents Kavya and Vanraj from going to an internet meeting in the room. In any case, Kavya reprimands Samar for his youthful way of behaving, enraging Anupamaa.

Tuesday seventeenth || Anupama on starlife May 2022 Teasers
To set things right with Vanraj, Kavya chooses to get ready pasta for himself and the family; Anupamaa consoles her scared girl. Vanraj disregards Kavya while everybody arrives at the commitment setting; Kinjal plays a naughty trick leaving everybody surprised.

Wednesday eighteenth April 2022
Rakhi embarrasses Vanraj and Anupamaa, while Pakhi is stunned to see Siddharth at the party; Vanraj attempts to overcome any issues among him and Kavya. Anupama uncovered Siddharth after he attempts to attack Pakhi which brings about Rakhi canceling the commitment; Rakhi faces Vanraj’s unbridled fury.

Thursday nineteenth May 2022

Rakhi insults a passionate Anupama when the commitment service starts without her; Samar reproaches the family for underestimating Anupama. Anupamaa struggles with controlling Leela and Kavya’s battle while Vanraj is confronted with a final proposal. Afterward, Kavya overstates Anupamaa’s assertions to Vanraj.

Friday twentieth May 2022
Anupama separates after Vanraj vents his disappointment on her to intrigue Kavya; loaded up with sadness, Anupama does the inconceivable. Devika defies Vanraj and issues an admonition against tormenting Anupamaa; Kavya is left dumbstruck on seeing Vanraj proposing to Anupamaa.

Saturday 21st May 2022
After much persuading, Anupama pardons Vanraj and they fix things up; Kavya requests that Vanraj wed her. Nandini gets alarmed when Kavya uncovers her union with Vanraj; while Nandini advises Kavya to impart everything to the family, Vanraj praises Anupamaa.

Sunday 22nd May 2022
Kavya apologizes to Anupamaa so she will be close to Vanraj; while Vanraj likes Kavya’s turn, Nandini plans to come clean to Samar. Kavya advances a stunning interest before Vanraj; while Anupama’s Mehendi service starts, Kavya’s brassy demonstration leaves everybody confused.

What will be Anupama’s choice in the wake of figuring out the stunning truth, continue to visit cus


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