Anupama On Starlife Sunday 1st May 2022 update

Anupama On Starlife Monday 2nd May 2022 update
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Anupama On Starlife Sunday 1st May 2022 update; The Episode begins with Anupama coming to converse with Rakhi. She says a mum has come to meet another mum, a mum have opportunity and energy to save kid’s bliss. Rakhi says fine, tell me. Pakhi actually takes a look at her sack. She calls her companion and says for what reason did you keep this in my pack. Samar comes and sees the cigarette pack. He picks it. She says its not mine, don’t have the foggiest idea. He says clarify it for mummy.

She says don’t tell her. He says I m not telling anybody now on account of the show as of now, I won’t conceal a single thing from mummy. Anupama sees Rakhi’s home. Rakhi requests that she sit. She says workers are prepared in five star lodgings, they can make any cooking than gujarati, what is it that you need. Anupama says an opportunity to talk, we are unique, however one thing is normal, love for youngsters, how could two families be same, there is a major distinction, yet not greater than kids’ satisfaction, I just got regard with me when I got hitched, you came to our home and hurt my regard, yet kid is demon than regard, I m prepared to fail to remember everything for their bliss, you additionally attempt to grasp their adoration.

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Anupama On Starlife Sunday 1st May 2022 update: Vanraj blows up seeing the training class promotion. He says express gratitude toward God, the partnership broke early. Anupama says I know the significance of instruction, I chose to get my youngsters taught, I was unable to study, I won’t allow this to occur with my bahu and girl, I guarantee you, my family work won’t ever in the middle between my bahu’s examinations, I m sorry for whatever occurred. Rakhi says fine, I m prepared to fail to remember all that and continue on, however I have a condition. Kinjal comes and looks on. Anupama asks what condition. Kinjal calls Paritosh on Samar’s phine. He says Anupama has returned home. He says I m sure she made a major issue there. She says stop this disposition, your mum apologized to Rakhi, my mum isn’t prepared to talk. He asks what occurred.

She says Anupama collapsed hands yet my mum disagreed, perhaps I can persuade father. He says you need to persuade her, we love one another. She says I know, I can’t conflict with my folks. He says tell me, I will do anything for you. She says there is a choice, yet its off-base, my mum has kept a condition. He asks what. She tells him. She says else we can’t get hitched.

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He stresses. Anupama is coming and cries. Pramod contends with Rakhi. She says I m not Anupama, but rather a mum, I understood my folks did ideal for me. Pramod says circumstances are different. She says cash is the huge power, I likewise love Kinjal and need to see her blissful. He inquires as to for what reason did you keep that condition. She says with the goal that Kinjal stays blissful, to see where Vanraj stands. Baa cries. Mom ji says Paritosh would rather not talk, Vanraj is essentially dead on. He reassures her. Baa says don’t have the foggiest idea where did Anupama go. Samar comes figuring mummy will deal with Sweety. He asks Baa are you fine. Baa says OK. He says we will take a selfie. Paritosh comes and feels uncomfortable. They race to him. Paritosh says Kinjal, mummy… . Baa says he got a fit of anxiety before twelfth tests. He tumbles down.

Anupama says Paritosh can’t remain without Kinjal, yet Rakhi’s condition… . Baa and Samar request that Paritosh quiet down. Vanraj gets back home and thinks the day was awful, I failed to remember devil records, don’t have any idea what’s the new show at home. Paritosh hydrates. Vanraj and Anupama return home. Paritosh says Rakhi kept a condition, Kinjal and I can’t get hitched.

Anupama thinks I remembered to tell Vanraj in private. She asks what occurred. They ask did he get the assault once more. Mom ji says he is fine at this point. Vanraj says you have seen your mum and figured out how to become feeble, I want to have seen your father and figured out how to become solid, you will end it all tomorrow. She asks what are you talking about. He says he can’t see his father and regard, he can simply see that young lady, I can’t see him in this state, he failed to remember everything relations, don’t have any idea what will happen when this connection sorts out. Anupama says relax, I will fix everything.

Anupama On Starlife Sunday 1st May 2022 update: Paritosh yells like you met Rakhi today and fixed everything. Vanraj gets stunned. Paritosh says you went to apologize, how could Rakhi regard you, so she kept such condition. Vanraj asks what condition, Anupama. Anupama says I will tell you. Paritosh says tell it before everybody, I will tell, Rakhi kept a condition, in the event that you believe Kinjal and my marriage should occur, you need to apologize to Rakhi. Vanraj gets stunned. He says I remained by you, on the grounds that my significant other’s regard is my regard, you went to sell my regard, I told you, none will see her face, you went to apologize, you believe me should do likewise, I will break, yet never twist down.

Paritosh says you are being self centered, I need to take off from this house. Anupama stops him. Vanraj cautions her. She cries.


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