Anupama On Starlife Sunday 8th May 2022 update

Anupama On Starlife Friday 6th May 2022 update
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Anupama On Starlife Sunday 8th May 2022 update: The Episode begins with Vanraj reprimanding Pakhi. She inquires as to whether he is all in all correct to pick and drop Kavya, for what reason is she off-base assuming her companion dropped her. Vanraj yells enough, no rowdiness will be endured from now, remember I m your father. Baa says Anupama has ruined every one of the kids. Pakhi indignantly goes. Anupama requests that Pakhi make sense of with affection, remaining in limits, don’t contend with Vanraj, he is as of now stung. Pakhi says you can never turn into my companion, you are only Vanraj’s better half, you have informed him regarding me, I m sure you told about cigarette pack. Anupama says no.

Pakhi says you agreed with Baa’s position, it was Baa’s error, I feel you simply love your children, you stress for Paritosh and me, not me, you finished a work in the school, I got savaged, you didn’t stand firm for me, everybody chastened me today, you are extraordinary, you are awesome, you can never be my mum, I disdain you mummy. Anupama cries.

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Baa says we don’t have the foggiest idea when little slip-ups ruin everything. Sanjay comes and says you are correct, Baa. Baa says we were coming to drop Meenu, for what reason did you come. He says I think it caused a pressure. She says no, I didn’t intend that. He sees Vanraj. Anupama comes. Sanjay says I needed to come on time, else it would have late, I got frozen yogurt, it will dissolve. Anupama says I was terrified. Sanjay says Vanraj got captured today, I mean at home, else he arrives behind schedule from office. Anupama says I will get some food, sit. Vanraj says we will just come. He takes Sanjay and says commonly, what we see is off-base, Kavya was concerned, she was sharing her concerns, I overcompensated while guaranteeing her, truth is, she is my excellent companion.

Anupama says Sanjay looks stressed. Sanjay says either my it is inappropriate to think or this connection. Vanraj says its nothing similar to that, Kavya gets back home, Anupama knows her well, she is a family companion. Sanjay says I m not requesting that you explain, I need to advise you that there is a contrast between family companion and family. Anupama takes the nourishment for Sanjay. Sanjay says you are senior, I can simply demand you, when the top of the family commits an error, the whole family needs to bear it, Dolly and I likewise go to office, we have associates, we have trust between us, we realize the house breaks when trust breaks, unfortunately Anupama resembles my sister, its about her bliss, trust and family, I m talking as her sibling, her heart and house shouldn’t break. Anupama comes and says sorry, I have divided your discussion. Sanjay says no, work has in the middle between. She goes.

Sanjay requests that Vanraj esteem his destiny, he is fortunate to get Anupama. Samar tumbles somewhere near Nandini’s sack. Nandini prods him. They contend. She says I don’t convey an additional a stuff, be it physical or profound. He says don’t ask me for help. He goes. Anupama asks Sanjay for what good reason does he look stressed. Sanjay says pretty much nothing remains to be concerned. She says I will appeal to God for you. He says I wish everybody was great like you, I respect you my sister, recollect that, I will constantly remain by you. He leaves with Meenu. Vanraj looks on.

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Anupama On Starlife Sunday 8th May 2022 update: Anirudh says Vanraj didn’t call, what’s the issue, are you alright. She gets Vanraj’s call. She asks did Sanjay say something. Vanraj says he got back home, unwind, I dealt with everything. She says I m much pushed. Vanraj says you can definitely relax, we must be cautious, we shouldn’t meet at public spot, all is great, it was a one man to another discussion, you don’t need to stress, I need to answer family if necessary, love you. Anirudh expresses issue with a wedded man is only an undertaking, you can’t make it a connection.

Samar says don’t have any idea what will Paritosh do now. Paritosh takes resting pills. Vanraj reprimands Anupama.


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