Begusarai Teasers – September 2021

Begusarai Teasers - September 2021
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Come on this September 2021:

Saturday 4 September 2021

Episode 85

Komal managed to create cracks between Lakhan and Poonam. Bindiya became more determined to find out who the “boss” was. Mithilesh continues to give people who are innocent occult.

Episode 86 

Bindiya’s kindness came out when he gave his own money for Soni’s education and the door. Poonam, Maya, and Grandma corner the command with a knife. It turned out that Lakhan and Poonam both fooled Rekha and Komal.

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Sunday 5 September 2021

Schedule warnings!

Please note: Begusai changed into one episode a week from today to accommodate the reality show of African dance shows, which was young on Saturday 18 September at 19h00.

A series of air-building episodes on Saturday at 18H00 and 19H00 and Sunday at 18H00 until it began.

This is a description: For the first time, Africa meets India on the dance floor above the spectacular dance extravaganza.

Episode Begusarai 87 at 19h00

Poonam knows that the boss is a member of the Thakur family. The boss set the Thakur factory to burn. Bindiya will be on duty to do something almost impossible. The question is, what is his job?

Sunday 12 September 2021
Episode 88 a

The boss sent the Thakur family a small gift that made them all very upset. Grandma formulated the proof of charging plan to find out once and for all the boss.

Sunday 19 September 2021
Episode 89

Lakhan tells Poonam that the boss can’t be aunt, it must be someone else. Lakhan managed not only cheated the boss, but he also released Bhushan from captivity. Now the boss can no longer control it, what will he do now?

Sunday, September 26, 2021


Episode 90

The throne was given two Lakhan and Mithilesh. Komal and gran took over Manjeeleta’s house. Lakhan planned something special for Poonam on their first wedding anniversary, unfortunately, the disturbing comal.

Twist Of Fate Friday 17th September 2021 Zee World

Twist of Fate Thursday 16th September 2021 Zee World

A Magical Love Story Tuesday 7th September 2021

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