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Best Courses With Employment Opportunities In Nigeria 2021

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The Nigerian economic system has suffered a  lot of trauma since the administration of this present regime even the past regime’s economic imbalance and instability.   this has affected the stability of job opportunities. though the issue of lack of job opportunities started a long time ago because of the country’s standard of development.

In  Africa, the  country is rated as the most developed nation in Africa that is why she is called the giant of Africa, irrespective  of that the country, has  failed  to create and provide employment  opportunities for their graduates  rather embezzlement of funds is the  order of the day because  of this reasons student get confused on how to choose the Best Courses With Employment Opportunities In Nigeria 

This problem is being created because no student wants to be useless after graduating. Irrespective of our conditions our students must be guided on the courses with the best opportunities, not that there is any course with fewer employment opportunities.



Below is a highlighted list of the best courses with the best employment opportunities


  • Medicine and surgery

a student who studied medicine and surgery does not roam about in search of the job he is  needed in the hospitals to serve as a medical doctor  so

Because of the solemn duty bestowed on doctors to save lives and heal the  sick and but

as some who studied medicine and surgery, you can work in the hospital as a medical doctor as well as a surgeon.

The nurses: as a nurse you are most needed in the medical sector also you can create your own job implement your skill to save lives and control illness in the nation

Engineering:  the engineering sector is very vast Nigeria has suffered an infrastructural meltdown, lack of good infrastructural structures such as good roads, good social amenities, and good buildings on sectors so those in the Engineering department have much work to do.

Their employment opportunities are as follows,


  • The building engineers,

Builds house, they become road contractors. They work in construction companies such as The Niger delta construction company (NDDC,) bahago constructions, etc, most of the time due to their technicality they are always self-employed.

They build, construct buildings roads

Mechanical engineers:

they are engineers specialized in the construction and repair of automobiles such as cars, generators, tricycles motorcycles, aeronautical engineers work on airplanes, helicopters, choppers, and jets, etc.

Any automobile engine is all that is why their different kinds of mechanical engineers based on your specialty of the invention.

So as a mechanical engineer you can see a whole lot of employment opportunities the ball is on your court to play if you play well you will win, be reminded that their lot of companies out there looking for you to give the best you can offer. Even the individuals in general need your services so you can be self-employed instead of waiting for companies’ appointments.

Electrical engineers:

the specialized on electricity generation and a component of any appliance even  automobile needs the electricians to deal with the electrical components,

job opportunities;

  • Working with the PHCN Company of Nigeria,
  • Electrical appliance producing companies,
  • Self-employment on repairs and invention under electricity
  • Working as an electrical technician for various sectors a firm such as a bank, hospitals even the least household services.
  • Repair of appliances as well as producing
  • Optometry: (eye doctors)
  • this is eye care professional who specializes on taking care of the eyes and vision there are a lot of opportunities based on you specializations,
  • Opticians fit and fabricate eye corrective wears,
  • The optometrist is main eye doctors the diagnose the eyes, and treat eye problems
  • Ophthalmologist, they perform eye surgeries in case of foreigners in the eye.

Employment opportunities.

Eye clinics

Eye laboratory (Glass prescriptions)


Eye enlightenment program advisers.

Eye surgeons.

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  • Law ;

The issue of conflicts, dispute, disobedience to laws can not be eradicated from the surface of the earth, that is why the law is one of the Best Course With Employment Opportunities In Nigeria

So the need for interpretation of these laws and settlement of conflict can not be neglected in the society so the law department student has a lot of services to render to the government as to the public as well.

Job opportunities

Law court,

Personal lawyers to prominent citizens,

Case proposers,

Nations advocate,

Political appointment

Defending lawyers,

Legal political advisers,


deals with organizing, managing, and keeping financial records,

Job opportunities,

Working in financial institutions such as banks

Financial secretary in companies

Managing a business,


Marketing is all about buying and selling goods and services.

Job opportunities.

Owning a business enterprise (entrepreneurship)


Working in banks

Commercial marketing.

Marketing for companies.

Buying and selling of goods.

Stock exchange market.

Agricultural science:

The sub-departments under agricultural science are very lucrative because they give instant employment opportunities regarding the situation of the African settings agriculture is highly regarded.

It involves the cultivation of crops and rearing of animals to satisfy human wants

Agriculture has grown vast

Employment opportunities under agriculture include.

Commercial farming Crop farming:  cash crops.

Pig rearing (piggery)

Fish farming (fishery)

Keeping of birds (poultry)

Cattle rearing

Working Ministry of agriculture and sciences

Food production companies

Veterinary medicine

Agro allied companies

Self employment

Soil scientist:



Computer science:

the world is turning into a global village hence

becoming a very technical computer scientist and as well as a computer engineering is very lucrative.

Employment opportunities

Working in banks

Computer programmer,

Computer engineer,

Even in companies as a media technologist

Web Site developer;

Graphic designing

Information technologist ( ICT),

Telecom companies

Generally self-employment;



Education is the chief academic body because it deals with training teachers, tutors, and lecturerers.

Employment opportunities

Teaching in schools:

Working in education board:

Lecturing board;

Book writing

Examiners etc.

Food technology:

Employment opportunities;

Food production:


Hotel management.


Chemical science:

this involves all chemistry put in place to provide attention to chemical reactions and effects in the environment.

Employment opportunities:

Production of vital chemical products, such as soaps, detergents, paints, etc;

Working in industries and companies

Petrochemical sciences.

Oil companies.


The issue of unemployment in Nigeria is very alarming and it has affected students to study the courses of their choice, and that is why I have decided to use this article above to enlighten people on Best Courses With Employment Opportunities In Nigeria
























































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