Best Study Techniques For Memorization- Secret Science Of Exam Success

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So the best study technique for memorization will be updated here at seo my schoolgoodies.com, the secrets and science on how to remember what you studied.

Thereare 8 major forBest Study Techniques For Memorizations ,exam secrets and science how to remember what you studied.

So the best study technique for memorization will be updated here at seo my schoolgoodies.com, the secrets and science on how to remember what you studied.
There are 8 major for memorization exam secrets,
So what are the secret retrieval techniques?
Which is based on the act out to pull out information stored in the memory long ago, refreshed and reposted to the sub conscious brain for immediate utilization, memorizing something is first know how to improve your reading life.

Memorizing by the great thinker of the old simply means they ability to remember, recall something and also know what the secret retrieval techniques how it works.
And why it is so useful?
How are the used?
Memory is not is not a subtitle for understanding, because you ought to understand of every details of what you studied.
Here above are list of secret techniques to help you retrieve what you’ve studied:

The human brain processes image more faster than any other form of learning criteria the representation of terms with images is fast processed by the brain and very easy to remember ,because whatever the eyes
Sees it interprets to the brain an image of it must formed in the brain for retention and remembrance.

It very good to study images veer for well why studying and also representing facts and figures, with diagrammatic illustration it has been recorded that about 80% of things represented by images are always remembered and retrieved, so easily and this has been proving as one the effective study techniques for memorization, which helps young student to pass their examinations.
It is quite understandable when tutors use image representation teach facts it is observed that those fact are very hard to be discarded from the brain.

Key word memorization:
In every topics there are always key facts and figures which must be studied repeatedly and for you to be able to memorize the fact about any topic first its key word must be read, studied ,and understood to enable to always remember the subject content of that particular topic as well as developing the memory to retrieve the actual content and information’s in a particular topic is if it is possible it is always advised to change key words to your own familiar languages so you can easily have the inert ability to recall when needed.

Word abbreviations are mainly letters used to denote acronyms and words, it is very important to study and understand abbreviations and acronyms.
Remembering acronyms helps you recall in which contest the are used as well as to memorize the facts of subjects.

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Repeated study:
Memorization of term, facts is enhanced by building the ability to read a topic or term over and over and again until the brain familiarizes with it, because retrieving of facts is prompted from the subconscious portion of the brain.
Because the brain can be likened to a computer system it only recalls easily any fact that it is familiar with and this familiarity with the brain Is created with the repeated study and it can be explained as the ability of the brain just like a computer system reproject recent programs as fresh .

Therefore it has been proved that one of the best techniques memorization is studying consistently on consecutive number of times.
And this is very important for student to study topics their books repeatedly so they can pass their examinations very well- secrets and science how to remember what you studied.

Vocal pronunciations points and key words:
These techniques I term audio –vocal study techniques. In certain time reading is not necessarily done considering the maturity criteria because sometime audible pronunciations of key words and point helps to pronounce words more often while reading it helps the brain to store the long term memory and to be able to retrieve when needed. To ensure this it is advised to read out such key words and get more acquainted with them.

Self testing:
Quiz yourself after reading a particular topic this involves drawing your own topics by changing used term, key words, and content into meaningful question.
This question testing is very wonderful study techniques for fast remembering of words and studies and topics which involves asking yourself question s after reading a particular passage to check weather what you read really entered your brain it flew off your.
This is called retrieval practice method.

Write out points and figure:
Do you want to develop the ability to remember fast, they deal is on hand to do because the more you are able to map out areas of concentration it highly advised that you use your available time for reading to write out those pressing or head points from any particular topic your are studying and thins will enable you to study those topics very well because when written out the are made to be in highlighted form because.

Study exercises:
Studying of exercise should be done as if they areas or scheme of work this study gives you more insight about facts of your topic and it one of the best study techniques.
For instance if you are reading how to score above 300 in jamb, chapter 12 of your textbooks and outlined exercises are provide ,make sure you study those test exercises because it helps you check your level of comprehension from the above chapter, and also refers you back to the passage for confirmation of proposed understood facts.

Tactical visualizing spatial techniques:
All the techniques needed as follows, tricks, utilizing images, songs, feelings, and our bodies and memorizing of visual images.

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Final thought and memorization:
This involves the techniques of your final inner thinking of what has been read and to make the final picture out of your already studied facts, checking your rate of assimilations of those topics to understand how many that your brain has retained. This is also called final self studying assessment.


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