Bridal material on zee world Friday 1st July 2022

Bridal material on zee world Friday 1st July 2022
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Bridal material on zee world Friday 1st July 2022: Vivan gets heartfelt with Meera and holds her from behind. Meera’s, moved by Tulika’s insidious sorcery, eyes become red and she goes after Vivan, strangulating his neck. Biji plays bhajan. Meera yells in agony and runs back. She then, at that point, becomes ordinary and asks Vivan for what reason he is staying there and seeing his neck mark asks what has been going on with him. He doesn’t say anything. Vivan portrays his trial to his companion and says Meera was acting exceptionally unusual as though moved by somebody.

Ruler demands his mom to allow him to wed Tulika. Cart says Tulika has invert feet, she won’t allow him to wed her. Ruler demands. Meera with Vivan strolls down, Vivan says Prince and Tulika don’t match by any means. Ruler says his Vivan and Meera’s union can occur, anybody’s partnership can occur, he shouldn’t meddle. Master maa enters. Ruler shouts she is justification for this mess up. Master maa lets Meera know that she realizes what befell her as of late, so she brought one more blessed lemon for her. She advises her rundown of do’s and dont’s to follow, as while strolling on segregated road not to look behind regardless of whether somebody calls and if detestable comes around, it will hack up blood. Tulika watches by means of her hair in kitchen and thinks Guru maa’s thoughts are old, she can’t prevail upon her.

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Bridal material on zee world Friday 1st July 2022 Gurumaaa sees dayan’s hair, picks it and ventures out from home reasoning to annihilate dayan. She strolls on road while Tulika flying in air tosses lemons before her, then, at that point, plummeting down before her, picks lemon, and changes it tones, cautions Gurumaa to not meddle in her direction, else she will apologize. Master maa doesn’t move. Meera with Dollly rides bike towards same street and bike stops. Meera makes a respectable attempt to restart bicycle to no end. Gurumaa begins strolling. Tulika expands her hair and pulls Guruma through her neck. Gurumaa tumbles down, turns and sees Meera around. She shows trishul. Tulikaa gets apprehensive and tumbles down. Gurumaa tosses trishula out and about and tellls Tulika that she can’t hurt Meera now. Tulika stands raging.

Precap: Meera gets into Tulika’s dark mystical circle


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