Bridal material on zee world, Friday 24th June 2022 update

Bridal material on zee world Friday 1st July 2022
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Bridal material on zee world, Friday 24th June 2022 update: Meera envisions a concealed man killing specialist. She figure she ha to caution specialist, calls him and requests to not open entryway. Specialist can’t hear her. She welcomes him to maata ki chowki at her home. Phoe gets detached. Covered man enters and cuts specialist’s throat. Cart, Amar, Vivan with visitors supplicate Devi maaa and sing bhajan. Meera races to lounge room and seeing pooja happening figures the reason why didn’t specialist uncle come at this point. Police show up at specialist’s place. Meera calls specialist.

Overseer picks call and illuminates that specialist is killed. Meera is stunned to hear that and goes up against devi maa why blameless individuals are killed, why she isn’t seeing beam of life, she won’t ask god from hereon and light sanctuary light. Cart detects weighty spout of air and figures it will rain soon. Vivan and Paromita’s photograph is shown glinting on mat, flies and falls before Maata’s golden calf. Meera is stunned to see that pic and acknowledges Vivan is the one who Paromita cherished. She envisions the episode where Paromita admits her affection for Vivan. Vivan says he can’t adore her as he cherishes another person. She pleds not to leave him and he leaves. Meera understands that Paromita cut Vivan’s named birthday cake and says they met first time on this day and shows Vivan’s named tattoo on her neck.

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Meera vapor that Vivan lied and deceived her, how might he, for what reason did he do that. She thinks back Vivan attempting to redirect her consideration and saying she is simply envisioning things and yells it is reality of Vivan’s past. She look through some crate in cupboad and doesn’t find it, thinks she kept it here, then where did it go. She understands she found consumed photograph in hall, that implies Vivan consumed it. She strolls to passage to look through hint and finds enclose stowed away ground. She finds Vivan and Paromita’s different photographs and cries seriously acknowledging Vivan sold out her.

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Bridal material on zee world, Friday 24th June 2022 update: Biji look through Meera in home and requests that Dolly illuminate Meera to apply maata’s sindhoor on her temple by means of Vivan enters. Biji givs him sindoor and requests to apply it on Meera’s brow. He strolls to Meeera’s room and seeing her serious figures she probably figured out truth, he needs to redirect her consideration. He strolls to her and attempts to redirect her consideration, then, at that point, sees box and inquires as to whether she is irate, turns off light and strolls nearer to her. She leaves. He shows maata’s sindhoor. She stops him and yells he is a killer and traitor. Vivan says Paromita is his companion’s sweetheart and not his. Meera gets some information about his named tatoo on Paromita’s neck. He says his companion’s name is likewise Vivan and they got to know as a result of same name, Paromita is his companion’s sweetheart.

Bridal material on zee world, Friday 24th June 2022 update: Meera supposes if he is lying once more and says she needs to accept anything that he is saying, however truth is unique. Vivan attempts to make sense of, yet she says she can’t believe him and for what reason would it be a good idea for her she when she sees him with Paromita, she will figure out truth.

Precap: Meera goes to Paromita’s space to figure out sign and opens secret storage, looks stunned seeing somebody there.


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