Bridal material on zee world Monday 4th July 2022

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Bridal material on zee world Monday 4th July 2022L Meera is sound snoozing when Tulika dayan calls. Mesmerized Meera awakens and leaves room. Vivan who has attached to his and Meera’s hand awakens detecting a force and runs down looking through her. He sees string and Meera leaving house and runs behind her. He folllows her and sees her going into an old dilapated haveli. Tulika with cover all over sitting on seat inquires as to whether he came. He asks who is she, what she needs. She says she is dark mystical dayan and this evening she will forfeit Meera and finish Vivan. Vivan says god will save us. Tulika says even hanuman chalisa won’t chip away at her, he can attempt. He begins reciting hanuman chalisa.

Tulika orders Meera to cry and giggle. Meera does same. Vivan asks what she needs. Tulika orders Meera to pick blade and wound vivan. Meera strolls towards Vivan holding blade. Vivan strolls into mystical circle attempting to escape from Vivan. Tulika figures in some, Vivan will be Tulika’s and orders Meera to push forward and forfeit Vivan. Vivan breakdowns. Meera stretches out her hand to wound Vivan when dawns and Tulika’s back sorcery dodges. Meera gets once again into her faculties and argues Vivan to awaken and asks Tulika who is she. Tulika says Meera will forfeit Vivan. Meera yells for help. Meera proceeds pledingn for help and shakes Vivan to awaken. Tulika strangulates Meera, however guruma’s sacred memento saves her. Tulika feels shock and takes off.

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Vivan awakens and asks Meera what has been going on with him. Meera says she is clueless, when she got into faculties, she foundhim oblivious on floor and she found a dayan lady there who got away. Vivan says he is certain Tulika is dayan, let us return home and check. The arrive at home and see Tulika dozing. Meera says she told Tulika is a decent young lady and is ideal for Prince.

Next morning, Tulika’s phony mother brings police. Cart attempts to stop them. Mother enters hollering and says she needs Tulika back. Ruler says Tulika is turning into our relative, so she will remain here forever. Mother hollers yet leaves with police.

Bridal material on zee world Monday 4th July 2022: Meera in her room peruses blessed book and sees whether they engrave mahindrapur’s balaji’s mehandi on walls, disasters won’t enter. Vivan goes into room. She illuminates him same. Vivan holds mehandi while Meera engraves mahendi on principal entryway walls. Tulika gets back with Prince subsequent to wedding shopping and can’t enter due to mehandi. She smolder on Meera.

Precap: Tulika causes a physical issue into Meera quietly and blends her blood in Meera and figures now Meera and Vivan will see how she will respond.


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