Bridal material on zee world, Saturday 25th June 2022 update

Bridal material on zee world Friday 1st July 2022
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Bridal material on zee world, Saturday 25th June 2022 update: Meera goes up against Vivan and says she will figure out truth and expectations she is discredited as she would rather not lose Vivan. She then gets back to her room and nods off. She then, at that point, longs for a covered man concealing a document in storage and fixing painting on wall. She awakens and thinks she needs to proceed to figure out sign. She arrives at Paromita’s cabin and looks for hint. Sh tracks down same work of art in a room and eliminates it, tracks down a wall behind, breaks it and tracks down storage.

She attempts various blends to open storage, Vivan’s introduction to the world date, her introduction to the world date, Amaya’s introduction to the world date, and so on, lastly attempts her and Vivan’s wedding date and storage opens. She tracks down Paromita’s journal in it. Veiled man enters holding firearm. Meera stows away. Man slips and falls on ground and tracks down wall trash, then opens storage and doesn’t track down journal. He look through entire room. Meera conceals under tables and escapes with journal. Concealed man runs behind. Meera runs out of building and at a far disconnected place peruses Paromita’s journal that the amount she cherished Vivan and distraught behind him. She decides to uncover Vivan’s romantic tale before everybody.

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Bridal material on zee world, Saturday 25th June 2022 update: Next morning, Meera takes Soni Kudi Academy/SKA’s liability. Cart enters and says she neglected to have sweet curd and feeds Meera. A woman enters with her girl. Girl says she needs to play kabbadi. Meera thinks back her days. Woman says she believes that her step-little girl Tulika should figure out how to turn into an ideal bahu at SKA. Little girl demands to go to kabbaddi match. Meera says they will do anything that Tulika enjoys and requests that mother fill affirmation structure.

At night, SKA’s resuming party begins. Meera strolls in wearing a lovely outfit. Visitors applaud her. Vivan stands entranced with her magnificence. Meera says she is here to satisfy her MIL’s fantasy and with a show craftsman begins instituting Paromita and Vivan’s romantic tale on Ek Haseena Thi… melody… Finally entertainer shoots Meera and she tumbles down. Vivan yells he didn’t shoot..

Precap: Meera over telephone addresses Vivan as Paromita and requests to meet her where their romantic tale began. Vivan arrives at setting and asks who is she. Meera strolls down.


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