Bridal Material On Zee World Sunday 15th May 2022 update

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Bridal Material On Zee World Sunday 15th May 2022 update: Amaya lets Vivan know that when individuals tell he is deadpan and presumptuous, they are correct, he doesn’t regard anybody, Meera is standing up to him to help his mom, that reason is adequate for him to cherish her, when saas-bahu battle in this age and attempt to earn spouse’s consideration, she is supporting saas, this reason is enough for him to adore her. She proceeds. Vivan thinks back to Meera’s showdown and feels for her. He goes to her room and sees her resting. A heartfelt tune plays behind the scenes. He gets examiner Brar’s call.

Pammi sees news about the murder case and the journalist charging her, diminishes who should do this, assuming it is her child. She sees Preeto on screen and is stunned, figures her kids shouldn’t ponder her. Vivan illuminates Roma that the Pammi Kapoor murder case is resuming after FIR documenting. Roma asks who is recording FIR. Vivan says Preeto. Meera strolls in and hears him.

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She indignantly strolls towards entryway and slips. Vivan attempts to hold her, yet slips. Meera irately takes a gander at him and leaves. She attempts to begin bicycle. Vivan requests that Amaya go with Meera, she won’t take his assistance. Amaya says she feels blissful seeing his anxiety for Meera. She strolls with Meera. Constable shows Pammi’s sketch to Vivan. Vivan says he doesn’t recollect her face. Constable says let us go to police headquarters then and gets him on bicycle. Bicycle separates. Constable says this bicycle is old like case and since he is steadfast, he needs to illuminate that Pammi’s case is being compressed.

In police headquarters, auditor requests that Preeto sign FIR. Preeto asks what is written in it. He inquires as to whether she has little to no faith in herself. Meera with Amaya strolls in and says Preeto will believe herself and checking FIR requests to understand it. He peruses that Preeto is thinking about as Pammi as her mom’s killer. Amaya says when it is an issue of her mom, she won’t let shamefulness. Meera says even her mom now, Preeto additionally holds hands.

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Bridal Material On Zee World Sunday 15th May 2022 update: says she won’t allow anybody to meddle in her issues now. Vivan strolls in . Meera requests that Amaya illuminate her sibling not to meddle. She requests that monitor get document first. Monitor strolls in and calling Laali says she got him caught. He takes document out and shows passing declaration. Meera says he previously showed this to Vivan, show photograph. Examiner reluctantly shows photograph. Preeto says this isn’t her mom. Amaya tears FIR.

Bridal Material On Zee World Sunday 15th May 2022 update: Vivan gets some information about a number. Meera leaves with Amaya and gets into vehicle. Amaya sees bicycle in front and says they are stuck and can’t push ahead. Meera goes to save bicycle. Vivan help her. Amaya supposes assuming they help one another, they will do ponders. Meera attempts to get auto, however Vivan signals autodrivers to leave. Amaya calls her and she gets in vehicle. Amaya requests to call bhai likewise now.

Precap: Vivan requests that Meera address him, yet she doesn’t.


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