Bridal Material On Zee World Sunday 1st May 2022 update

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Bridal Material On zee world Sunday 1st May 2022 update: Vivan’s stepmother Roma comes to outside Meera’s home. Meera ties pagdi to Vivan. Cart applauds her damad is looking so attractive in pagdi. Vivan jokes something is consuming and it is Meera’s heart. Everybody giggle. Amaya strolls in and indignantly says Vivan that Roma has come. Biji asks who is she. Amaya says Mrs. Roma Kapoor, his father’s better half and her stepmom. Biji says let us welcome them. Vivan meets Roma who calls him VK inquires as to whether he is coming from topic party. He says no. She asks what everything he did here, he heard he did an error and wedded. He says OK. She asks how might he right his mix-up. He has answer for that. She requests to shake hands. He does indeed. Cart strolls in energetically and embraces her followed by Biji and others. Roma hollers to avoid her. They request that she proceed to unwind in her room and leave. Biji says it is clear when somebody contacts without consent. Amaya comes. Roma attempts to talk with her, yet Amaya exhaust.

Bridal Material On zee world Sunday 1st May 2022 update: Meera in her room thinks now she needs to meet her saas, all saas are pompous, Sumer’s mom was so egotistical and Vivan’s mom will likewise be, however trusts she isn’t like Vivan, else she will sign papers. Cart strolls in and asks what marks. Meera gets strained. Cart requests to prepare for saas’ muh dikhayi/face watching custom.

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Roma vapor at Vivan why is he here, for what reason is he acting with them like relatives, they are not fit to be their workers, how might he do such a serious mix-up. She proceeds.. Vivan says these individuals will perform ceremonies, she ought to likewise appreciate. Roma asks what… . Cart strolls in calling her behenji. Roma yells what.. does she know age distinction between them, how minimize. Vivan says she is Mrs. Kapoor and he likewise calls her equivalent. Cart calls her for bahu’s muh dikhayi customs. Roma figures she can’t talk now as Vivan is their ally.

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Bridal Material On zee world Sunday 1st May 2022 update: Meera stands wearing cover. Biji tells Roma it is custom for saas to see bahu’s face first I reflect. Roma exhaust, yet Vivan signals her to go on. Roma and Meera take a gander at one another’s face in reflect and are stunned. Meera drops reflect. Biji says it is great sign and it will be favorable when Meera’s saas will dorn chunri/cloak on her. Vivan signals her to go on. Roma figures she will dorn chunri which everybody will see. She quietly consumes chunri in aarti light. Family gets strained seeing Meera’s chunri consuming.

Precap: Roma lets Meera know that she, her entire family and entire nation smell. Meera faces and says even she is Indian and not outsider, so even she smells. Roma indignantly attempts to slap her, yet Vivan holds her hand.


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